Advanced Graphene Products

Graphene manufacturer produces stronger alternative to CVD on larger scale

Originally Published in June 2017

ADVANCED GRAPHENE PRODUCTS (AGP) is a producer and supplier of large-area graphene—High Strength Metallurgical Graphene (HSMG®). The nanotechnology endeavor was founded in 2012 as a spinoff company from the Łódź University of Technology. In partnership with the Institute of Materials Science and Engineering, the company has developed a new method to produce graphene through growth on liquid metal. HSGM graphene is suitable for a variety of applications such as electronics, biomedical materials, the space industry, aviation, the automotive industry,
and many others. Based on the use of a liquid metal matrix, Advanced Graphene Products has acquired a United States patent for HSMG production;the European Union patent has already been verified.

Due to its mechanical and electrical qualities, graphene is becoming a highly sought-after material. It is made of carbon atoms connected hexagonally in a honeycomb-like shape. The flat structure is one atom thick and is therefore considered a two-dimensional material. AGP aims to sell HSMG all over the world. Manufactured with its own patented method of graphene growth, the company is working on placing their product in large-scale industries. The company’s production method is fully scalable and in one month can manufacture dozens of square meters of graphene for use in any industrial or commercial graphene application.

This new type of graphene is much stronger and more durable than chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene. This means it can be produced in larger quantities in a short time. CVD is the most popular production method, used by Samsung and Graphenea, but HSMG is more than three times tougher than CVD graphene. HSMG can be manufactured on an industrial scale and is available in a variety of sizes. AGP is able to produce large quantities of HSMG sheets while maintaining efficiency and affordability. In addition to applications in energy, medicine, electronics and fabrics, MSMG is being used for hydrogen containers, water filtration, OLED screens and electrodes.

This new type of graphene is much stronger and more durable than chemical vapor deposition (CVD) graphene used
by producers like Samsung.

Since launching its online store, AGP sales continue to increase. The store offers monolayer and multilayer HSMG in various sizes and clients can also place custom orders. Graphene can be manufactured in many forms: powdered, solutions, flakes and sheets. All are designed for specific applications. Sheets are the best form to work with because they are the most natural form of graphene. However, because of its 2D specification, it’s also the most difficult form to produce. AGP also produces plates designed for research on graphene’s electrical properties, contact and electrode application, as well as graphene preparation for electrical research. The company’s distribution network includes Europe, Asia and the United States. and it has plans to further expand its reach.

This year, the company moved its headquarters to a new research laboratory in the Science and Technology Park University of Zielona Góra LTD. In addition to conducting research in its own facility, AGP collaborates with research centers and R&D departments around the world. It is also a member of the graphene consortium, which includes the
Łódź University of Technology, the Military University of Technology and the Polish Armaments Group.