Angel Poland Group

Outlook for the premium property market in 2020

Originally Published in March 2020

Economic prosperity in the housing market does not slow down. Poles buy new flats and apartments. There is also an increased interest in premium properties. Traditionally real estate is considered to be the best and safest capital investment

ANGEL POLAND GROUP – the international developer and construction group, which has been shaping the luxury real estate market in Poland since 2003. The company specializes in the revitalization of historical buildings and industrial wastelands in the largest Polish cities, focusing mainly on the implementation of high-standard residential projects, as well as luxury apartments, hotels and housing estates for various purposes.

Premium apartments

The increase in real estate prices will continue, taking into account the loss of purchasing power of money, the policy of low interest rates, as well as further increase in employment costs. The low availability of land, the problem faced by developers in large cities and long procedures for issuing building permits will affect the supply of new apartments. As a result, the prices of apartments are constantly rising. On the other hand, the purchasing power of consumers, who are increasingly interested in a given product on the premium real estate market, is growing. Currently the demand for real estate is high. Our products, both higher standard flats in prime locations and luxury apartments, can only increase value, as has already been proven in the past in other agglomerations in the world. At present, as a group, we are developing two residential projects in Kraków and Wrocław.

The first investment is created for those who treat property as a work of art. The “Angel Stradom” includes the 5/12 Stradom House Hotel as part of the Marriott Autograph Collection, along with conference rooms, a ballroom, fitness area, spa area, swimming pool, restaurants and bar, which are connected to a residential facility with 134 apartments designed to the highest standard. This is rather a collector’s purchase, which gains the greatest value. In turn, in the “Angel City” in the Oławskie Przedmieście – a part of Wrocław, already well known – Angel Poland Group offers premium standard flats. The “Angel City” offers a coherent vision of carefully thought-out design with refined details of functionality and harmony with the environment. The elegant form and timeless shape of the building combined with a number of amenities guarantee the highest standard of living. It is affordable for a wider range of buyers – both for investment purposes and typical for residential construction.

“One of the main areas of activity of Angel Poland Group is the ecological aspect, reflected in the implemented solutions and initiatives”

Each of the above mentioned facilities has an attractive location, allowing the residents to participate in the life of the city and save valuable time. At the same time, we create an opportunity to relax without having to leave home. That is why in our investments we offer SPA zones and well equipped gyms. We also create spaces for children, who can use the playrooms. 24-hour security with reception or electric vehicle charging stations is also standard.

In the “Angel Stradom” residents can also use the services of Concierge. These include: laundry and cleaning services or 24-hour room service, enabling ordering meals in the hotel restaurant.

CSR of the developer

With regard to new flats, customers are interested in values that are also important for the developer – broadly defined social responsibility. One of the main areas of activity of Angel Poland Group is the ecological aspect, which is reflected in the implementations carried out by the developer. The investments created by the Group are characterized not only by the use of the latest technological solutions for the care of the natural environment, but also those that are seemingly simple and friendly to nature. The best example of such an approach is the “Angel Stradom” investment in Kraków, where, in addition to electric car chargers and an installation allowing the use of rainwater, residents will be able to grow vegetables in their gardens. We also implement ecological solutions in our offices: we segregate waste, use LED bulbs, limit the use of air conditioning with solar films. We also place great emphasis on the policy of a plastic-free office and encourage our customers to adopt an ecological lifestyle through our social media channels.

Hotel market trends

The hotel market, where the group also operates, is currently looking for solutions that will allow it to stand out and create places full of satisfied guests.

Today, an modern hotel is no longer associated with repetitive decorations. Hotels are built to have their own character and attract specific types of guests. They must have their own expression and atmosphere, not only to stand out from the competition, but also to provide the best possible experience. These are our main values, which is why the Angel Poland development group’s portfolio includes such unique places as OVO Hilton, The Granary Hotel or in the near future the Stradom House. Nowadays, consumers have a strong need for expression. In addition, people are increasingly interested in whether their place of residence is ecological.

As investors we also make sure that all the places we create are also visually attractive. Today, young people share their experiences in social media. It is obvious that eye-catching design elements will make them more willing to post a picture of our hotel on Instagram. Our latest hotel investment is an example of creating soft brands. It is the Stradom House, which belongs to the Marriott boutique brand – Autograph Collection. Due to the fact that the whole investment concept is consistent with its location, the hotel will become a brand in itself and will certainly be an exceptional investment. The facility not only offers an experience of luxury, but is also dedicated to people who care about the environment. At the Stradom House we are implementing a very important trend for nature “without plastics”, as well as a composter to create healthy fertilizer for horticultural plants, which will allow us to grow herbs for our restaurant The Kitchen. We don’t forget about fauna, so there will be beehives and insect houses.