Przemysław Kastyak

Partner at Penteris

Originally Published in March 2020

The Polish economy continues to grow meaning more wealthy customers for property investors and developers, and a promising business outlook.

This is opening up interesting options in the apart- and condohotel market, which is dynamically growing not least in comparison with other property sectors.

Aparthotels feature fully-equipped apartments while condohotels offer hotel rooms, in both cases typically rented on a short-term basis, with units owned by private investors.

With Poland becoming a popular tourist and business destination, the condo- and aparthotel formula is spreading not only into resorts, but also large cities.

This translates into opportunities for institutional investors, developers, and operators specialized in such projects, as well as wealthy private individuals.

Therefore, foreign operators with industry know-how should seriously consider entering the market, either on their own or in partnership with local developers.

As an additional advantage, developers can act as asset managers after the project is completed, benefiting from long-term extra revenue on top of development gains.

However, private investors should be prudent. The Consumer Protection Authority has even launched a dedicated campaign explaining the risks for less experienced individuals.

Whether apart or condo, institutional investors can look forward to a host of opportunities in Poland.