ATM Bettermaker

Award–winning music producers choose handmade Polish sound equipment

Originally Published in June 2017

Addicted To Music Bettermaker designs and creates electronic hardware for recording, post production and mastering studios. Founded in 2010, the Bettermaker brand’s products are already available in 30 countries and are used by top music producers and audio engineers in the world.

Dissatisfied with the products already available on the market, music producer Marek Walaszek decided to design devices to fit his needs. With the help of a maintenance engineer, Walaszek built devices he could use in the studio. The first products were introduced five years ago in Frankfurt and he immediately got orders for devices to be used all over Europe, because as it turns out, other producers thought the way Walaszek did.

ATM Bettermaker currently offers eight 100 percent handmade devices based on the innovative technology they developed. Their line of equalizers offers a pure analog signal path with the control possibilities of a Digital Audio Workstation plugin to create a digital workflow with the ability to save presets and automation all while maintaining the classic analog sound.

The brand’s products have been used by major producers in the music industry. From Grammy-winning mix engineer Dave Pensado, who worked with artists such as Beyoncé, Mariah Carey and Justin Timberlake, to Greg Wells, who worked with Adele, Katy Perry and OneRepublic, producers and engineers have used Bettermaker devices to create chart-topping hits.

As they continue to acquire new markets and find new dealers, Bettermaker aims to create more products that break innovative barriers in the field.

As they continue to acquire new markets and find new dealers, Bettermaker aims to create more products that break innovative barriers in the field. The brand has already managed to win awards and be nominated three times for the NAMM TEC Awards in Los Angeles, which are the “Oscars” of the professional audio and sound recording industry.

Bettermaker’s founder, Walaszek, was interested in music production from an early age and dreamed of having his own studio. With his own space in the ATM Studio, Walaszek offers professional audio mixing services in which he masters tracks for record labels, independent artists and advertising agencies. Sending tracks and receiving final mixes is done exclusively online, which allows for a global client base.

When he’s not in the studio or managing Bettermaker, Walaszek also aims to give back to the community by leading workshops and providing lectures to college students interested in the music industry. Education is important to Walaszek, because when he started out in 1996, there was a lack of practical knowledge on the topic in Poland –he had to find it abroad. “I want to go out to young people who aspire to be music producers and show them how to do things live rather than teach theory. That’s the difference between a lecturer and me,” said Walaszek.