Experienced woman launches successful international transport company

Originally Published in June 2017

BATIM is an international transportation and freight forwarding company that delivers orders to European Union countries. Nearly 80 percent of the company’s revenue is generated by activity outside of Poland—a large part is generated just by transport to the United Kingdom. For over 20 years, BATIM has been expanding its destinations and now employs more than 650 drivers. The company has transformed into a large company operating in the European market and today successfully competes with major transport firms from Germany, Belgium and France. To maintain its strong position, the company owns a fleet of state-of-the-art tractor units and semitrailers from makers Scania, Mercedes, Krone and Kögel and continues to increase its number of vehicles on the roads.

BATIM has been making an impact on foreign and domestic markets, and holds numerous titles, from “The Best Employer of the Year in Nowy Sącz District” awarded by the Nowy Sącz District Employment Agency in 2014, to being recognized by Forbes Magazine in “2015 Forbes’s Diamonds” in the Małopolska Province. The company has also been nominated by Ernst & Young and Puls Biznesu as “one of the most dynamically developing companies,” Procter & Gamble award, Gillette award and was recognized at the Nowy Sącz Business Gala as the most buoyant company on the transportation market.

The transportation company was founded by Barbara Edelmuller-Généraux and Janusz Rembilasa in 1995. The company started with just two trucks that primarily transported shipments to Germany and Italy. In 1998, the company added the UK as a destination—a major breakthrough for the young firm. Since then, the UK has become its leading market. From a small partnership with just a few drivers and employees, to today’s award-winning transportation service company, BATIM has remained a family business.

For over 20 years, BATIM has been expanding its destinations and now employs more than 650 drivers.

As president of BATIM, Edelmuller-Généraux is responsible for the market of international transport services and manages one of the biggest Polish family businesses in the industry. She gained experience in the field growing up by learning from her parents who started their own transport company. In the years after she founded the company, several more tractor units were purchased. BATIM continued to grow and attained high places in domestic rankings. In 2015, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary and constructed a three-story office building in Stary Sącz.

In addition to the founders’ knowledge of the industry and UK markets, BATIM attributes its success to the quality of its services, modern vehicles that meet the EURO 6 standard and the superior fleet management systems. BATIM manages a fleet of over 400 cars and its Scania and Mercedes tractors meet the highest technical environmental and quality requirements. Additionally, the company participates in ecological projects that aim to reduce CO2 emissions. With their telematics devices, the company’s cars are well-suited for transporting dangerous goods. BATIM also provides ferry booking services, such as for trips between the UK and the continent.