Chic Smart Clothes

Team of women designs innovative children’s clothes that promote creativity

Originally Published in April 2017

CHIC Smart Clothes is a children’s clothing line that leaves room for growth and imagination. The new brand gained global recognition even before it was available in stores or online. A team of women aimed to design a versatile collection that would inspire and excite children.

The company was founded in 2013 by Anna Słomowicz, who teamed up with designer Monika Bajerska and technologist Wioletta Kamer-Wieczorek. Bajerska became friends with Słomowicz after designing her wedding dress and always thought about creating children’s clothes. So together with Kamer-Wieczorek, the three started their own line.

Their idea was simple: let children play with clothes and teach them how to dress themselves. They also wanted to make it possible for parents to participate in this routine activity in a new, fun way that evokes creativity and imagination. Clothes suddenly become a favorite toy in which the child can play with mixing, matching, zipping and popping.

CHIC is all about clothes that perform multiple functions. From reversible jackets to detachable details, a child’s look can be transformed in seconds. Without having to change his or her outfit, a child can go from elegant to casual just by removing the collar and cuffs. The brand’s most talked about item is the “5 in 1” coat that can be reversed and adjusted to create five completely different styles. Many pieces are unisex, which adds versatility and can be reused by younger brothers and sisters.

Clothes suddenly become a favorite toy in which the child can play with mixing, matching, zipping and popping.

As every parent knows, children grow quickly, which is why CHIC designed clothes that will grow with the child and can accommodate two standard child sizes. Pant legs can be pulled down and elongated so they can be worn longer. As a girl grows, a dress can be transformed into a sweater just by pulling up zippers and adjusting the sleeves. By adding poppers, many pieces can be altered and manipulated to provide a better fit or create a new look.   

Each piece of CHIC Smart Clothes is designed by Bajerska and produced in Poland. Materials are imported from Italy, Portugal and Germany, and the company prides itself on only using ecological, natural fibers such as cotton, wool and cashmere, which are obtained according to fair trade agreements.

By designing clothes that children can experiment with to create surprising and unexpected combinations, CHIC is convinced it will awaken their ingenuity and strengthen their problem-solving skills at an early age. While adults tend to limit themselves, children have a fresh imagination that enables them to wear the clothes in ways the designers didn’t even consider.

The brand’s motto is “Let the children change the world, not only clothes!” and Agnieszka Sawicz, the company’s creative brand manager, said CHIC wants to “participate in the upbringing of future geniuses and invest in the intellectual development of children, so that they can do things to change our future for the better.”