Comment from „Rzeczpospolita”

Commercial market

Originally Published in March 2018

The commercial real estate market in Poland had a successful 2017, and 2018 looks promising as well. The amount of office and commercial space available has grown by several percent, while warehouse space growth amounted to almost 19 percent. Developers are not slowing down, because the Polish economy is strong and attracting investors, which in turn drives demand for office and warehouse space.

In terms of commercial facilities, the market is experiencing saturation, but only when it comes to the largest shopping malls. Funds still consider Poland an attractive place to invest money.

It is possible that we will witness the emergence of an important segment that is virtually absent in Poland – professionally managed, large portfolios of apartments for rent.

The market could face the following challenges: rising construction costs and changes in the legal environment, such as new tax legislation or the ban on Sunday trading. Nobody challenges the decision-makers’ right to make such changes, but their pace and style could hinder the market.

Comment by Adam Roguski, Real Estate Editor at Rzeczpospolita