Manufacturer has been creating a vision of the perfect house for over 20 years

Originally Published in May 2017

DAKO has developed a reputation for innovation, quality and workmanship as a manufacturer of a wide range of high-performance PVC, wood, aluminum and steel products that meet global clients’ needs. The company continues to expand into new markets and its windows, doors, roller blinds and garage doors are exported to more than 20 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Combining components in a highly efficient operation requires cutting-edge machines. DAKO joinery is produced in a technological park which is one of the most innovative facilities of its kind. The precise, numerically controlled woodworking, milling, welding machines and saws ensure DAKO’s products are built to the highest standard. The company also has its own testing laboratory, powder paint shop and profile edge banding shop, ensuring full control over product quality.

DAKO had two production halls with a total area of 20,000 sqm, but in 2016 the company began to expand its infrastructure to accommodate an expanded range of products and increased sales. To ensure the highest production standards, DAKO undergoes assessment, control and certification procedures. IFT Rosenheim, a well-regarded European research center, has certified DAKO products as compliant with the highest European standards.

IFT Rosenheim, a well-regarded European research center, has certified DAKO products as compliant with the highest European standards.

DAKO provides its clients with PVC, wooden and aluminum products available in many different colors and designs. DAKO windows are optionally equipped with thermal, energy-saving and acoustic insulation as well as anti-burglary protection. Apart from the insulation and protection against the cold that are available in standard doors, DAKO doors offer many options such as a fingerprint reader. DAKO also produces roller blinds and garage doors with a variety of optional equipment, including automatic controls.

DAKO’s HarmonyLine comprises windows, doors, garage doors and roller blinds with a common design that emphasizes the individual character of a building. The company has also launched DAKO Smart Home – a system enabling programming and operation of any electric motor-driven equipment installed at home with a remote control, smartphone, tablet or computer.

DAKO is heavily involved in marketing activities and big sports events in Europe. The brand was present at Wembley Stadium during Ligue 1 handball matches and during Olympic qualifications for volleyball. However, as Jerzy Studziński, the chairman of DAKO board emphasizes, a huge step was taken at the beginning of 2016 when DAKO became the official premium partner of Borussia Mönchengladbach: “Sports give us this unique opportunity to convey the most important DAKO values to the European market. Stability, dynamic development, international scope of action and the fact that DAKO offers the highest quality are reflected in important sporting events. We invest in the emotions that give us measurable, effective benefits.”