Polish manufacturer is a worldwide leader the roof–window market

Originally Published in May 2017

FAKRO is a manufacturer and international distributor of roof windows. The company is one of the fastest growing in the industry. It sells its products in 50 countries and has about a 15 percent share of the global market. Exports account for 70 percent of FAKRO Group sales. It operates 12 production companies and 16 distribution companies located in Europe, Asia and the Americas. FAKRO produced the first roof windows in the market to be TUV certified. In 2016, FAKRO won the Red Dot Design Award for its innovative flat roof windows.  

Founded in 1991, the small family company has evolved into an international corporation. Twenty-five years ago, in Nowy Sacz, a city located near the Polish Tatra Mountains, founder Ryszard Florek began manufacturing roof windows. But before he started FAKRO, he raised the startup funds by first establishing a woodworking plant in his family town, Tymbark. Once he was able to prepare and professionally produce roof windows, his business took off. Today, FAKRO is one of the world’s leading producers of roof windows.

Florek takes great interest in Poland’s economic development. He established the Think about the Future Foundation to promote “knowledge and understanding of the economy and free market mechanisms.”

FAKRO produced the first roof windows in the market to be TUV certified.
The company specializes in manufacturing wooden and aluminum-clad plastic roof windows as well as blinds, shutters, installation accessories, solar collectors and a wide range of other products. FAKRO roof windows are especially designed to illuminate the room appropriately within the loft space. The frame allows for the influx of natural light while withstanding harsh conditions and can be controlled manually or automatically.

In addition to standard roof windows, FAKRO designed a window that opens onto a balcony. The upper top hung sash opens upwards while the lower sash tilts outwards to create access to the balcony opening.
The company has also been selling attic stairs for several years and is one of the leading manufacturers in the international market.

Regardless of style or design, FAKRO windows are equipped with FAKRO’s topSafe® system to provide effective protection against potential intruders. To provide a high level of safety, the external glass is toughened, while hinge and lock reinforcements prevent the window from being forced open if someone were to apply pressure with his or her foot.

FAKRO relies on innovation, which is why it opened its own research and development center where more than 100 engineers design new products. The company holds more than 140 patent applications and the company has developed new technology that has changed the roof-window industry. With a focus on ecology, energy efficiency and the intelligent home, engineers develop windows and accessories that are durable, safe and functional.

FAKRO participates in international trade shows and continues to earn recognition domestically and abroad. Most notably, in 2011, President Bronisław Komorowski presented the company with the Economic Prize of the President of Poland in the “Presence in the Global Market” category.