Polish supplier designs products for telecommunications systems around the globe

Originally Published in June 2017

FIBRAIN is a manufacturer of fiber optic telecommunications systems and solutions. While the company has been around since 1993, the brand was founded in 2004. FIBRAIN operates four factories in Poland and exports products to over 40 countries on five continents—Europe, North America, South America, Africa and Asia. Due to its strategies for rapid growth and tactical development, the company employs more than 500 people. It has opened branches throughout Poland, as well as one in Mexico and sales offices in Norway, England and Uruguay. Using modern equipment and highly qualified staff, FIBRAIN is one of the only manufacturers in Poland that produces specialized optic devices used in fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) systems, CWDM and DWDM networks.

On average, FIBRAIN churns out 4,000 km of fiber optic cables per month. The company produces fiber solutions, plastic enclosures, microelectronics, copper-structured systems, and FTTx systems for homes, offices, businesses and cities. FIBRAIN produces all of the components for connectivity, from optical connectors for singlemode and multimode applications, to cable bundles, fanouts, patch panels and customer outlets. It is one of the first Polish manufacturers to produce power couplers and WDM couplers using FBT technology. In addition to its extensive list of accessories and equipment, FIBRAIN also produces customized products.

The company offers a number of systems and solutions in its portfolio, including FIBRAINDATA, which is a structured copper cabling system; FIBRAIN LogiWire, which integrates structured cabling and other media; MetroJet, a microduct solution; as well as a full range of passive optical devices for telecommunications.

FIBRAIN started designing and manufacturing fiber-to-the-home FTTH systems long before they were popular in Europe. The company offers a broad selection of infrastructure systems for outdoor and indoor access. All of the FIBRAIN systems are complete, fully self-contained and include the required mounting and connecting accessories or installation tools. To guarantee high quality, FIBRAIN uses automatic stripers, lasers, polishing machines and the most technologically advanced equipment in its factories.

On average, FIBRAIN produces 4,000 km of fiber optic cables per month.

Producing top-of-the-line products is one of FIBRAIN’s number-one priorities. That is why it invested in a research and development center to design new solutions in areas such as photonics—multi-core fibers, or application of organics in telecommunications. In its main laboratories, it is researching fiber photonics and organic microelectronics, measuring fibers and modifying glass surfaces. In addition, FIBRAIN has been designing and creating a national and international network.

As for the multi-core fibers project, FIBRAIN has been cooperating with another company with extensive experience in R&D – InPhoTech. FIBRAIN specialists also partner with top Polish and European centers and universities, including the Marie Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin or the Military University of Technology in Warsaw.

To help customers understand new technologies and installation procedures, the company launched FIBRAIN Academy. A series of professional training courses cover copper and fiber optics installation techniques, optical DWDM transmission, GPON networks, microduct technology, passive optical devices for telecommunication, network design and a wide range of other topics.