Gdynia one of the world’s best cities to invest

Originally Published in March 2020

The Tri-City region continues to develop and still create new investment opportunities

GDYNIA is perfectly managing to follow current investment trends. Today, it is hard to imagine the modern economy without an efficiently operating modern business services sector. This sector covers the so-called BPO/SSC companies, which are operating within innovative industries, as well as in the IT industry.

Gdynia and the entire Tri-City are one of the largest BPO/SSC service centers in Poland, which has been growing dynamically for years. In the Tri-City, this sector has over 23,000 employees. In previous year, Gdynia’s investment potential was noticed by the ABSL (The Association of Business Service Leaders in Poland) — the largest Polish organization dealing with the support and development of the above mentioned sector.

The city received an award in the “Supporting Cities” category, which proves that Gdynia is still developing fast and shows that it is possible to combine the needs of their residents, environment and investors. It comes as no surprise that Gdynia has received this award for the second time.

The city is also creating a lot of new work places by implement investments in the office space market. During the last few years, the amount of office space in Gdynia has increased significantly due to completion of investments such as the Łużycka Office Park, with an area of over 38,000 square meters.

“Gdynia and the entire Tri-City are one of the largest BPO/SSC service centers in Poland”

But the local market is far from being full, as construction of two additional modern A-class office buildings is underway. The first one is going to be located in Redłowo, near the Gdynia Arena – a widely known venue for sports and cultural events. This investment will offer over 54,000 square meters of usable area. The project meets high ecological standards and will allow people with disabilities to work there. The second building is to be located just around the city’s Central Park and will offer six floors of office space, with a total area of 4,000 square meters. The opening of the facility is planned for this summer.

Additionally, there are undergoing works on the second stage of one of the city’s most known investment called Waterfront, which will offer a multifunctional complex with office and hotel facilities, as well as leisure areas that will serve as a meeting place for residents and tourists. This investment, located just by the seaside, will offer a total of 75,000 square meters of usable space.

Speaking of the seaside, it can be said that Gdynia offers “an office with a sea view” and it definitely is true. The important fact is that these spaces offer not only the view, but also a perfect and comfortable localization in a city well connected to the entire agglomeration, where the journey to the airport takes about 20 minutes.

Developing predictions for Gdynia are very promising, even in the nearest future. In the years 2021–2023, an increase of over 100,000 square meters is planned. Such high dynamics of office space growth should bring about 13,000 new workplaces in business services. The upcoming years seems to be very fruitful for Gdynia, which will only improve the Tri-City area’s high position on the office space market. Gdynia, the youngest city of the Tri-City, has a very large infrastructure potential and is already an important location for foreign investors.