The perfect city to live and relax

Originally Published in March 2020

In addition to investment opportunities, Gdynia is strongly involved in creating a joyful condition for residents and tourists

GDYNIA is a city with kilometers of sandy beaches and steep cliffs, beech forests with numerous hiking and cycling routes and hilltops with breathtaking views. The diversity of landscape is impressive: on the one hand there’s the Baltic Sea, while on the other hand moraine hills covered with forests resemble sights characteristic of mountain terrain. Millions of people from all over the world are encouraged to visit Gdynia for many reasons, including appealing leisure areas and forests.

The city is enchanted with nature, clean air, high quality of living is proud of beautiful 200-meter-long beaches, with a bathing area located just five minutes from the city center. The beach is a remarkable attraction not only in the summer, but during all other seasons. Tourists and inhabitants willingly spend their time here, because of its availability, functionality, and cleanliness.

But beautiful nature is not the only strong side of Gdynia, its gorgeous architecture is also being appreciated by visitors. As a result, the city continues its efforts to include its modernist city center into UNESCO’s World Heritage List. With the recently obtained recommendation of the application, the area is getting closer to being included in this prestigious list. Moreover, Gdynia received the highest distinction for Polish monuments, awarded by the President of Poland.

Another factor that attracts a lot of visitors is the wide range of cultural and sporting events organized in the city. To name just a few of them, Gdynia is hosting Open’er Festival, Ladies’ Jazz Festival, the Red Bull Air Race, the Gdynia Film Festival, Gdynia Design Days or the Ironman 70.3 competition.

“In 2019, Gdynia won the LivCom Award, which proves its proper management of the local environment while creating friendly living conditions for residents”

Last, but not least, the city is also taking care of its residents by creating many different opportunities and social programs which are aimed to help people, as well as encouraging its residents to a healthy lifestyle. In the previous year, the city’s efforts was noticed on an international level, as Gdynia was a major player during 2019 edition of the International Awards for Liveable Communities (LivCom). This award is the only one in the world that honors cities for proper management of the local environment while creating friendly living conditions for residents. Its goal is to encourage everyone to follow good practices, implement innovations, and above all, to create high-quality services for the city’s residents. Gdynia, being the only Polish city on the list, was among the 22 finalists in the category of cities with a population between 150,000 and 400,000 residents, eventually securing third place in the competition.

All of these aspects make Gdynia a great place to live and spend holidays which is proved by kind and hospitable residents as well as constantly growing number of visitors.