A Polish visionary entrepreneur invests in Brazilian real estate.

Originally Published in March 2018

The GREMI Group was established in 1991 by Polish entrepreneur Grzegorz Hajdarowicz as a private equity general partner firm. The Group is composed of several companies focusing on equity investments, restructuring and real property projects implemented in Poland and Brazil. It also owns GREMI Media SA, which publishes the most influential Polish business daily, Rzeczpospolita, and investors’ newspaper Parkiet.

Dynamically developing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are Grzegorz Hajdarowicz’s new areas of interest.

Mr. Hajdarowicz, who controls the holding, is a versatile entrepreneur with extensive business experience in many industries, including real estate, publishing and film production, to name a few. “I am interested in unconventional projects that ensure a high rate of return. This year marks the 27th year of my business activity. I think that if I was involved in conventional projects, I would not be where I am today,” he said.

One of the company’s largest real estate investments is the Brazilian Eco Estrela project, which started in 2009. A high-class leisure complex will be built on GREMI Group’s land, located in Baia Formosa, which translates to “Beautiful Bay,” in northeast Brazil. GREMI Group’s investment is based on the principles of sustainable development and engagement with local communities.

The project consists of establishing three interlinked components: an ecological tourist resort, a housing complex and a technology park. The company has entered into a strategic alliance with Six Senses, the leading hotel brand in the premium segment. Two resorts, a wellness center and villas are expected to be finished in 2021. The extraordinary site, which is a part of the bigger Eco Estrela Project, features almost 6.5 kilometers (4.1 miles) of Atlantic Ocean beachfront and covers an area of 2,571 hectares (6,353 acres)

In Poland, GREMI Group acts as a pre-developer, selling land with specific projects and building permits to other developers. It recently sold a residential project in Kraków to the developer CNT. The company also has an investor for a major part of the GREMI Business Park office project, which is also located in Kraków. “We are interested in executing new projects in the ‘pre-developer formula,’ worth between 10 and 20 million zlotys. We want to use our know-how in preparing land with a difficult history for development and we are looking for properties in and around Kraków and Warsaw,” said Mr. Hajdarowicz.

The rapidly developing technologies of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are Mr. Hajdarowicz’s new areas of interest. According to a forecast by Goldman Sachs, the value of the VR market will exceed $2 billion this year, and in eight years it will increase to $35 billion. This is the area where GREMI Group will expand its business. GREMI has recently bought a complex of futuristic buildings near Kraków in Alwernia. The new company dedicated to this project (Alvernia Planet) plans to create an education and entertainment park using the latest technologies, including VR and AR.

The Alvernia Planet project is estimated to be worth about EUR 100 million (nearly PLN 430 million). Real estate accounts for about half of that sum: the main complex consists of buildings with an area of 17,425 square meters, while the total area of the property in the project is 13 hectares. The other half of the investment is the value of the pre-estimated expenditures necessary to create an AR / VR center. GREMI announced that it wants to attract external investors to this project.