Shoe lovers develop a product to protect heels from being scuffed while driving

Originally Published in April 2017

HEELOK is worn on the outside of the shoe to protect the heel. The EUIPO-certificated design is safe to use while driving and prevents the heel from being scuffed and dirtied, while also protecting the floor mat from being punctured.

Created by longtime friends Anna Andraszek and Beata Soltys, HEELOK is the first product released by their company, Soul Sisters. The product was conceptualized and produced in 2016 and the two hope to continue to produce simple, everyday solutions. Andraszek said the women came up with the idea after casually talking about the problem one evening. As car drivers, they were constantly ruining their heels from rubbing them on the mat while using the pedals. The friction and dirt on the mat caused scuff marks and damage.

The product consists of three parts: the shoe protector, heel clasp and ankle clasp. The heel is placed into the pocket at the bottom and the wide protector runs up along the heel. The heel clasp can be adjusted based on the height of the heel. The strap is wrapped around the ankle and fastened. The clasp can be adjusted to provide a firm fit and ensure the product will not come undone, limit mobility or get tangled on the car’s carpet. Since it is entirely made of silicon, HEELOK is comfortable to wear and is easy to clean.

“Many women just accept the idea that they have to ruin their shoes in the car, unaware that there is a solution to their problem–HEELOK,” said Andraszek.

Women have tried to protect their favorite heels by changing into flats before driving, but shoes with complicated zippers and buckles can make the process a hassle—especially in the tight confines of a car. The women who created HEELOK kept this struggle in mind when designing their product. “From the beginning we wanted it to be easy,” said Andraszek.

HEELOK is currently only sold online and is available with clasps in three colors: pink, green and blue. Each set comes in a black carrying bag to keep in the car. It can be used for both covered and uncovered heels. The women said they would like to develop a universal version in the future that could also be used with wedges and flats.

What started as an idea, became a practical solution for women to protect their shoes. During the day, the women at Soul Sisters have their own separate careers; promoting and improving the HEELOK product is their passion, something they work on in their free time. “Many women just accept the idea that they have to ruin their shoes in the car, unaware that there is a solution to their problem–HEELOK” said Andraszek.