Keeping beekeepers busy

Originally Published in April 2017

Huzar is Poland’s largest producer of honey from local and European apiaries. With a factory that has an annual processing capacity of 10,000 metric tons of honey, Huzar operates the biggest facility in Poland. Huzar produces a series of standard and specialty honeys sold in stores and shops throughout the European Union, United States and China. Founded in 1997 by two friends, the award-winning company continues to grow and strengthen its position on the market.

After years of communism in Poland, many young people dreamed of starting their own private, independent businesses – two of these aspiring entrepreneurs were graduates from the Academy of Agriculture. The company President Stanisław Florczyk and Vice Chairman Adam Maciuszek decided to establish a food-processing business. With friends in the beekeeping sector, they decided to produce honey. The company started to grow. Today, the second generation of both families is developing the business for global success.

The company expanded its portfolio to include unique flavors of honey such as lavender, Argentinean eucalyptus, rosemary and honeydew. It also makes the traditional treat of Polish nobility – mead – available in four flavors, from dry to sweet and in between. Huzar’s newest product is creamed honey. An alternative to chocolate spreads, Hobee is a popular favorite among children with its mix of honey and natural additives like cranberry, cocoa powder, raspberries or cinnamon.

The company’s honey comes from trusted suppliers in Europe, mainly Poland, Romania and Ukraine. The honey is tested several times, both in the company’s own laboratories and in independent ones to ensure quality, taste and to make sure there are no artificial additives or antibiotics in it. The honey must pass several rigorous tests, such as those set by the International Food Standard (IFS) and British Retail Consortium (BRC).

Once it passes the tests, the honey is processed and packaged at the company’s factory in Nowy Sącz, Poland. Import and Export Director Daniel Maciuszek said a big processing facility allows Huzar to provide large volumes of well-tested, safe honey in a short time, which is convenient for retailers all over Europe. Honey is shipped to several large retailers, such as Tesco, Auchan, Netto and Jeronimo Martins’ chains, as well as small businesses and local shops. Huzar promotes its brand products but also produces honey under the private labels of almost all major retailers in Poland. Thirty-five percent of Huzar’s turnover comes from export.

“Our reliable relationships with beekeepers and professional honey collectors over the years has made us one of the best-known honey factories in Europe. This is a special advantage we are proud of,” said Maciuszek.

The company has received numerous awards and distinctions, such as the “Transparent Company” certificate from Dun & Bradstreet Poland and a diploma for dynamic development from “Gepardy Biznesu.” Credit rating company Narodowy Rejestr Długów awarded Huzar with the Certificate of Credibility.