Invest in Pomerania

Pomerania – seaside diversity developed skillfully

Originally Published in March 2018

With over 38 million citizens, Poland is the biggest market among new European Union member states and the most attractive foreign direct investment (FDI) destination in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), according to a 2016 report by EY. Pomerania is the fastest-growing region in the country, with a gross domestic product growth rate of 4.5 percent.

Located by the sea, Pomerania is fueling its rise with the development of the maritime industry. Since the introduction of direct calls from major Asian ports, Pomerania has become Poland’s gateway to the world and its role as the port hub for CEE is steadily growing. This, along with other factors, such as availability of skilled workforce, lower costs of doing business and EU membership, has resulted in numerous investment projects from world giants, including Flex, CIMC and MOL. For these reasons, Pomerania was ranked fourth in the prestigious Best-Performing Cities in Europe ranking by Milken Institute, while the Tricity metropolitan area (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) was recognized as the “most dynamically developing city” at the CEE Shared Services And Outsourcing Awards Gala 2018.

Invest in Pomerania – a regional non-profit initiative supporting foreign direct investors – was established seven years ago. Today 17 members of Invest in Pomerania collaborate hand-in-hand to promote the region. Since its establishment in 2011, the initiative has supported 83 investment projects, which will together create about 12,600 jobs. No wonder Invest in Pomerania was recognized twice by PAIH (formerly PAIiIZ), Poland’s investment promotion agency, as the country’s best Investor Assistance Center.

To support the sustainable development of the entire province, “Invest in Pomerania 2020” was recently kicked off. The project is a direct response to the demand for fully developed industrial space. It aims to boost the region’s potential that comes from its seaside location. The project involves creating at least three industrial parks of a total area of more than 70 hectares around the main transport routes such as seaports, an airport and motorways. The project is financed through EU funds from the Regional Operational Program of the Pomeranian Voivodeship for the years 2014-2020. It is worth noting that within “Invest in Pomerania 2020” there will be a new system of investment incentives developed. The companies will be offered different forms of support, including employer branding services, temporary rental space, employee training and a relocation fund.

Pomerania was ranked fourth
 in the prestigious Best-Performing Cities in Europe ranking by Milken Institute.

The historic city of Gdańsk has many interesting new developments located in both its picturesque city center and its outskirts. New residential developments, office buildings and industrial and logistics projects are sprouting up all around.

Gdynia’s waterfront is undergoing vast redevelopment. New office and residential buildings with modern architecture and well-planned public spaces, passages and squares will create a unique atmosphere.

Sopot, a modern resort town, best known for its Art Nouveau spas and villas, is mainly focusing on tourism, investing in recreational and medical facilities (sanatoriums). The Municipality of Sopot has also undertaken a lot of residential initiatives, strategically investing in housing for young families.

Rumia, on the other hand, is focusing on attracting investors to a newly established industrial park of more than 80 hectares. Pruszcz Gdański, just 10 kilometers from the center of Gdańsk, is home to the Baltic Investment Zone (BSI), which occupies approximately 50 hectares. Many companies from the electronics, food, clothing and metal industries have their warehouses and production centers there.