Windows manufacturer offers high–quality products for demanding clients

Originally Published in May 2017

Jezierski Company is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of premium-class windows, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. The company’s business strategy is based on three areas: business-to-business investments, development of a network of dealers that offer products to private customers, and exportswhich now comprise almost 60 percent of company revenues. Jezierski products are available in Ireland, Italy, Germany and Australia.

“Years of experience combined with innovative and unconventional thinking are our advantages. We use the skills and practices developed in the company for years and improve them with new skills and solutions, not necessarily coming directly from the joinery industry,” said Marek Grzegorz Sadek, owner of Jezierski.

Jezierski has built its competitive position in the market with teamwork and care in selecting partners. “Innovation, continuous technological development and investing in the workforce are the most important elements of Jezierski’s new strategy,” said Kamil Dąbrowski, director of operations. Company officials admit that it is often traders and sales representatives who inspire the company to develop new solutions. Jezierski’s flagship productthe Ultra Passive window, is the best example.

The Ultra Passive window performs well in terms of thermal insulation and safety thanks to the Schüco 7-chamber system and the world’s first weldable Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) gaskets, which are extremely resistant to deformation. The seals provide maximum protection against wind, rain and noise. The windows meet the requirements of the German Institute for Window Technology IFT Rosenheim in the field of passive construction.

Jezierski’s factory is located near Kielce, in central-eastern Poland. Production is fully automated, which guarantees high quality. Jezierski has been awarded with the “Diamond in Joinery” for its corner windows.

Jezierski’s windows meet the requirements of the German Institute for Window Technology IFT Rosenheim in the field of passive construction.

In addition to PVC windows, the company offers a portfolio of sliding doors and accessories. The company offers a five-year warranty on its products and works with the best components suppliers in the industry, including Schüco, Winkhaus, Saint-Gobain Glass, Glass Effect, Swisspacer and Hoppe. The company offers more than 40 colors.

In Jezierski’s development strategy, customer service plays as significant a role as product quality. Premium product customers follow market trends, are well aware of the technical issues and have broad market knowledge. This is an important factor both in the process of building a dealer network in Poland and finding suitable business partners abroad. Jezierski calls its foreign associates “ambassadors,” since they need to know not only about the company’s offer and adapt it to local conditions, but they must also share the brand’s values.

B2B investments also play a significant role in Jezierski’s business development strategy. The company is not only prepared to deliver the products, but also to provide installation services. Jezierski windows are used in office buildings, hotels, sports facilities and hospitals. Jezierski is the only company in Poland that offers inter-blinds. Blinds sealed in an airtight package shaft do not get dirty, so they are ideal for buildings with stringent sanitary conditions, such as medical facilities.