Katarzyna Gruszecka Spychała

Deputy Mayor of Gdynia

Originally Published in March 2018

This year, Poland will commemorate the 100th anniversary of its independence. When World War I was over, our country was finally free after 123 years of geopolitical oblivion. Also this year, FTSE Russel will designate Poland as a “developed market” and no longer as an emerging economy. Poland is the first Central and Eastern European economy to have its status thus upgraded. This will place the country with 24 other nations, including Germany, France, Japan and Australia. The biggest Polish cities are now as recognizable as Berlin or Vienna and present great opportunities for international investors.

Just as every Pole is proud of the growing, awe-inspiring capital – Warsaw – there is no city that would better symbolize the Polish spirit of entrepreneurship and business determination than Gdynia. Our city has just celebrated its 92nd birthday. It is a well-designed, modern town with outstanding architecture, a large seaport and exceptional quality of living.

There is no city that would better symbolize the Polish spirit of entrepreneurship and business determination than Gdynia.

Gdynia’s main natural advantage is its seaside location. For a long time, the city’s economy was driven by the maritime industry and tourism. But today, cities such as Gdynia, Stockholm and Copenhagen are developing in many different directions. We do not limit ourselves to the big industries and want to create favorable conditions for various investment developments.

Our wages are no longer the lowest in Europe, but we offer access to a highly skilled workforce. The positive business climate attracts global brands, whose presence in turn drives the local economy. New industrial and office parks are being built every day. Gdynia’s economy has not had enough yet; quite the opposite – it cries out for more.

Gdynia’s seafront location is definitely its bargaining chip. Poland’s undeveloped waterfronts, some of the last in Europe, are very attractive to many international developers. It is difficult to imagine a nicer office than one with a sea view, or an apartment with a parking garage and a space for a yacht. The waterfront is always fashionable.

Our city is open to new investments and has been awarded the title of the “Polish City of the Future” by fDi Magazine twice, in 2015 and 2017. The city was recognized for its economic potential, business environment, innovation and investment climate. The creators of the ranking concluded that there is no better medium-sized city to invest in in Poland than Gdynia.

We have another, less quantifiable, but priceless asset: high quality of life. Gdynia is an environmentally friendly city that offers great work-life balance, access to quality education and infrastructure. A reasonable cost of living and great career opportunities, as well as a rich cultural life, are the key to dynamic development. It is definitely time for Poland. In Gdynia we can guarantee the success of your investment. See for yourself how good doing business in Poland really is.

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