Menswear brand opens 40th showroom in Poland

Originally Published in April 2017

LANĈERTO is a premium formal menswear brand that specializes in comfortable, ready-to-wear men’s suits, shirts, coats and jackets. With 40 showrooms in 32 cities throughout Poland and an online store, this leading men’s attire brand in Poland is looking to continue its expansion internationally.

In 2008, founders Tomasz Ciąpała, Mariusz Jończy and Tomasz Gorkiewicz launched the brand. They started with five stores, but the business quickly began to grow. The company opened or restored eight stores in 2016 alone, including one located in the Galeria Echo shopping center in Kielce. They plan to open between 20 and 30 more stores in Poland. Last year, the firm built a warehouse to support its online store and the growing bricks-and-mortar chain. The 4,000 square meter complex contains conveyor and heating systems.

After working with men’s fashion, the three decided to design and produce menswear in Poland. CEO Ciąpała said most designers don’t wear suits every day—they wear casual clothes. As men who were used to wearing business suits, they knew they needed to break from the traditional methods to provide comfort and a better fit.  

Ciąpała said the team studied how Poles dressed and concluded more sizes need to be available. That’s why LANĈERTO offers in-between sizes to provide a better fit without alterations. Normally, menswear brands have 26 sizes. LANĈERTO has 52. Also, suits do not have to be purchased together—the jacket and pants can be bought separately. For men who frequently go to the gym or are thin, finding a suit that fits can be challenging. The company continues to improve its garments to guarantee a perfect fit. From the start, the firm aimed to employ people who would improve shoppers’ experience and ensure they find the perfect fit. “We hire for attitude but train for skills,” said Ciąpała.

The company is proud to sew all of its garments in Poland, with over 200 in-house tailors and import the best fabrics from Britain and Italy.

In addition to formal suits, LANĈERTO released a semi-formal line of unlined cotton jackets, suede light shoes, and chino pants for informal occasions. Ciąpała said the company is proud to sew all of its garments in Poland, with over 200 in-house tailors and import the best fabrics from Britain and Italy. Inspired by a travel theme, the dominant colors in the collections are white, navy blue and orange.

The company has participated in special projects, such as developing a discreet VIP bulletproof vest. LANĈERTO teamed up with the Institute of Security Technologies to create what looks like a simple suit vest on the outside but can contain bulletproof inserts. The custom-made vest is intended for security officers, executives or diplomatic security. The vest is fastened with Velcro straps and can protect against 9 mm Parabellum FMJ bullets with a lead core with a weight of 8g and impact velocity of 358+15 m/s.