Le Petit Trou

Fashion magazine stylist designs provocative everyday lingerie

Originally Published in April 2017

Le Petit Trou is a lingerie brand that was founded by stylist Zuzanna Kuczynska. After spending years in the fashion world, she wanted a brand to call her own. Since Le Petit Trou was launched in 2013, the desire for her iconic panties has spread to shops in Paris, Tokyo and New York.  

Inspired by all things French, Kuczynska sought a brand name that would be funny and provocative—hence the name Le Petit Trou, which translates to “The Little Hole.” She said, “For the French it’s quite controversial but when they see the brand, they laugh—and that’s the reaction I want.”

After working as a stylist at fashion magazines Viva and Elle, Kuczynska recognized a void in the market for a lingerie brand that is both luxurious and comfortable. Uninterested in designing boudoir lingerie, she wanted to create everyday pieces that women can feel good in. Together with her now fiancé, the two worked toward launching Le Petit Trou.

The brand’s signature items are the transparent briefs and panties with a circular cutout on the buttocks. The unexpected “Petit Trou” manages to leave much to the imagination while still being seductive and sexy. Kuczynska designs the pieces herself and originally intended to only design panties with a hole in them, but she quickly learned women liked to buy sets. The collection also includes tulle bralettes, net fabric bodysuits and silk kimonos. The firm recently introduced scented candles and plans to offer moisturizing scented body oils.  

“For the French it’s quite controversial but when they see the brand, they laugh—and that’s the reaction I want,” said Kuczynska.

Several elements of the brand differentiate Le Petit Trou from others. For one, all pieces are made in Poland using imported fabrics. The entire collection is only available in black and a black transparent material. Rather than professional bra sizes, bralettes are sold in small, medium and large. The solid black box the pieces are wrapped in adds an extra touch of elegance and luxury.

Despite producing collections in only one color, Kuczynska’s designs are far from undistinguishable. Large bows, laced up ribbons and unexpected cutouts adorn the panties. Bralettes are decorated with patterns of dots or stars. To stand out from other brands, the collections use less lace and more edgy fabrics like net and transparent.

Kuczynska said she and her fiancé work well together because he has a critical eye, a good idea of proportions and notices aspects of the brand she may have overlooked otherwise. Although he regularly provides feedback on her designs, Kuczynska holds true to her vision for the brand and the women who wear it. She said, “I show models how I would like to be shown and not through the male perspective. I hate how other brands show oversexualized women; I approach it more naturally. I want to show how we really are and how we see each other—not how men want to see us.”

Le Petit Trou lingerie is currently only available in select boutiques and online but Kuczynska said she would like to open her own shop in the near future.