Certified telemedical consultation service remotely connects patients and doctors

Originally Published in June 2017

Medivio is a certified teleconsultation platform which allows patients to consult with doctors audio-visually, order prescriptions, view electronic medical records and other services using an application on a smartphone, tablet or computer. Doctors can virtually examine and diagnose patients during personally designated work hours and have the opportunity to provide health services from anywhere. Since the platform increases the availability of doctors for patients, it could potentially change the European healthcare system. In October, the company was invited to present its solution to the European Commission, including members of the Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, and the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety.

Medivio was developed in cooperation with Silvermedia, a leader in telemedical IT solutions in Poland, and the Adamed Group, a Polish pharmaceutical and biotech company. Silvermedia creates tools to manage medical processes and its projects combine academic research and medical practice with specialists in the computer science and biomedical engineering fields. The company develops applications that focus on data collection and processing and over the past 14 years, Silvermedia has designed several telemedical solutions. Silvermedia won the Polish Innovation Award in 2015 in the “Innovative Company” category for Medivio.

Adamed Group was established over 30 years ago; it manufactures and exports 250 patented products to 60 countries. The company conducts its own research and development activities, while also partnering with leading universities and research institutes worldwide.

With Medivio, a doctor is always within reach for patients with chronic illnesses. The service offers platforms for three specialties: Cardiology, for those with problems such as cardiac arrhythmias, hypertension or a history of heart trouble; diabetology for those with diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia; and psychiatry.

With Medivio, a doctor is always within reach for patients with chronic illnesses.

A premium subscription to Medivio includes a comprehensive set of benefits and services. Rather than making a trip to the doctor’s office, patients have access to expert advice through video chat or a phone call. Users can schedule an appointment for a teleconsultation or physical visit and can also order and manage prescriptions within the Medivio application. As an added feature, patients can use external measurement devices available in Medivio’s online store to relay vital information to their doctors, such as blood pressure, glucose levels or their blood’s oxygen saturation. Medivio allows patients to have constant access to their own medical records and, as a certified medical device class 2A (ISO 13485), medical data is guaranteed to be securely stored. With consistent monitoring, supervision and medication management, people with chronic illnesses will receive the treatment they need, resulting in fewer trips to traditional healthcare centers and fewer hospitalizations.

For doctors, Medivio provides full flexibility in determining work hours and location, as well as extra income. By using Medivio, doctors gain quick access to patient files, can easily share records with specialists and view results. Medivio offers an educational center for doctors to help them get started.