Polish pralines shared around the world

Originally Published in April 2017

Mieszko is a Polish confectionary brand that specializes in producing chocolate pralines and caramels. With a focus on natural ingredients, its portfolio consists of classic flavors and surprising blends wrapped in attractive packaging. Already a favorite treat among Poles, the company has expanded into markets in 60 countries and continues producing innovative sweets.

Mieszko’s tradition of crafting decadent pralines began over a century and a half ago, in 1853. Years of experience gave the company a strong background in chocolate pralines and candies. Many of Mieszko’s products have found success in international markets. These include Amoretta, one of its most popular boxes of chocolates, as well as Cherrissimo – the current market leader of cherries in liqueur in Poland. The company quickly became an expert in creating gifts for special occasions but also wants to be a part of consumers’ everyday life – in the daily enjoyment of sweets and sharing special moments with loved ones.

Mieszko’s most popular products worldwide are Chocoladorro, Amoretta and Cherrissimo.

Mieszko is one of Poland’s leading candy exporters, and its chocolates can be found on nearly every continent. Its most popular exports are Chocoladorro, Espresso and Amoretta. A box of Chocoladorro contains two types of creamy fillings – “deep” chocolate and vanilla – hidden in chocolate balls. Espresso pralines contain a coffee-flavored liquid filling. The elegant Amoretta Classic gift box contains pralines filled with six types of popular fillings: toffee, orange, almond, coconut, hazelnut and cream. The Amoretta collection has been expanded to include Amoretta Desserts, which contains pralines filled with the most popular dessert flavors: forest fruits, nuts, chocolate, panna cotta, crème brulee and tiramisu. Mieszko also makes caramels, fudges and candies. With its unique shapes and colors, Zozole is one of the most recognizable brands among candies for children in Poland and Romania.

With a global customer base, Mieszko aims to offer exceptional sweets using natural ingredients. “We are constantly working to improve the recipes by selecting the highest quality ingredients,” said Ewa Kalemba, export director at Mieszko. “However, success depends not only on quality products and competitive prices, but also on innovativeness, which is constantly being developed by our research and development department, and customer service, which plays a the key role in our organization.”

The brand’s competitive advantage is over 20 years of experience in export and long-lasting cooperation with international chain stores. The brand is present in over 60 countries and has managed to win the trust of consumers around the world. Apart from strong distribution in Central and Eastern Europe, Mieszko pays special attention to Polish consumers living in Germany, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States and Canada. “Mieszko underwent an international transformation and plans to focus on growth and expansion in 2017,” said CEO Igor Jeliński. “The process of modernizing the production facilities and concentrating production in one location – Racibórz – as well as reducing the number of products in the portfolio and building a modern warehouse in Gliwice is aimed at improving efficiency and customer service both in Poland and abroad.”