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Murapol – a constantly evolving developer

Originally Published in March 2020

In 2020, the Company’s work is focused on the implementation of many development projects across the country, focusing on high standards of premises and ecological solutions at affordable prices

MURAPOL is one of the leading developers on the Polish residential market, both in terms of scale of operations and margins. 19 years of experience, an effective business model and a team of highclass specialists allow the Company to achieve one of the best operating results in the industry last few years. What distinguishes Murapol’s offer is the greatest availability among all developers operating in Poland, resulting from the most diverse business map. Currently, the Company is present in 15 cities across the country, not only in the main residential markets such as Warsaw, Cracow, Wrocław, Poznań, Łódź and Tri-City, but also in smaller cities such as Katowice, Toruń, Gliwice, Tychy and Mikołów.

A place to live or rent – an offer for each client The Company’s offer is addressed primarily to people buying apartments for their own needs, however, among the customers of the Murapol Group there are also investment buyers for whom apartments are an attractive form of capital investment. The Murapol Group’s offer includes flats of the size most sought after by both groups of customers, i.e. from 25 to 60 square meters. Buyers who are looking for larger areas can take advantage of the option to combine flats. Murapol’s investments are characterized by a good relationship: location at a price, i.e. they are not located strictly in city centers, but also not on their outskirts. They are usually located in areas well connected with the rest of the city, in prospective and developing districts.

At present, the Murapol Group implements over 20 development projects across the country. In the Pachońskiego Street in Cracow, a multi-stage housing estate “Murapol Parki Krakowa” is being built, in which 720 apartments have already been made available to customers. The investment “Murapol Dębowe Tarasy” is currently under construction in Katowice, which is located near the Silesia Shopping Center and the “Spodek” Sports Hall. This investment has already offered over 400 apartments.

Also in Poznań, near Lake Malta, which is a very attractive part of the city, the construction of the “Murapol Malta” project is underway, which will offer 365 apartments. In Wojszyce, one of districts in Wrocław, a multi-stage development project “Murapol Zielona Toskania” with nearly 450 flats is under construction. Last year, the Company started to sell its first project dedicated to investment clients – “Murapol Apartamenty Praskie” located at Witolińska Street in Warsaw with about 280 units and a representative lobby with reception. New quality of apartments with eco solutions, branded by the new Ambassador.

“A new standard solution for the Group’s investments is an anti-smog package, which protects the air in the apartment against smog and other pollutants”

In 2019, implementing one of the assumptions set out in the strategy for 2019/2021+, assuming construction investments for more demanding and environmentally conscious customers, Murapol introduced a number of innovations to its projects, which result not only in increased safety and comfort for residents, but also allow the implementation of rational resource management and savings in the use of apartments. The developer offered its client original infrastructure and installation solutions – a Home Management System allowing the use of an intelligent home system – Murapol Appartme.

A new standard solution for the Group’s investments is an anti-smog package, which protects the air in the apartment against smog and other pollutants. Along with the changes to the quality systems, a marketing campaign was also launched. The aim of this campaign was to reposition the Company’s offer towards an affordable bonus, i.e. flats for more demanding buyers, but at an affordable price. Andrzej Bargiel, a world-famous Polish skier, the first man to ski from K2 – the second highest mountain in the world, became the face of the campaign called “Murapol, the best places in the world” as well as the new ambassador of the Murapol Group. This year, Murapol plans to implement further ecological solutions in its investments, such as electric car charging stations in housing estates (the first of which is already in one of Murapol’s investments in Katowice), photovoltaic panels, LED lamps for lighting common areas or rainwater recovery systems.

The above mentioned ecological solutions are not the only ones in the Group’s operations. Murapol was one of the first Polish developers to receive the BREEM certificate for the project of investment “Murapol Parki Warszawy”, which was finalized in 2019. This certificate con- firms that the investment was designed in an environmentally friendly manner, taking into account the high standards of ecological construction. The project was particularly appreciated for its energy efficiency, infrastructure and low impact on air and water pollution. The BREEAM appraiser also stressed particular efforts to protect the biodiversity of the flora and fauna of the area designed under the investment.