PFI Future S.A.

Multifunctional Edutainment and Retail Projects and ErgoCity

Originally Published in March 2019

PFI Future S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PFI Global Capital Group and is a holding company established to prepare and implement large real estate projects, mainly in the education and entertainment industries. PFI Future S.A. brings together the unique competencies of companies belonging to the PFI Global Group as well as other partner companies, thus providing the ability to implement innovative investment projects through the use of Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) that may be established in partnership with local governments and/or other commercial partners.

In 2019, PFI Future S.A. is presenting two main projects, Nautilus Gdańsk and ErgoCity

The basic strategy of PFI Future S.A. is the identification, preparation and implementation of projects which belong to the field of multifunctional educational and entertainment leisure facilities, such as National Forum of Music, Africarium – Oceanarium or Nicolas Business Center, corresponding to the evolving expectations of the local community and adapted to the rapidly growing needs of the wider tourism industry, as well as unconventional business and housing space projects.

Popular science centers directed at the youth, such as the Warsaw Copernicus Science Center, the Hewelianum Center in Gdańsk, the Experiment in Gdynia or the Hydropolis in Wrocław, are a new phenomenon on the Polish market. The educational endeavor is also expanded by Africarium – an investment performed in the ‘ZOO Wrocław’, built and managed by a company from the PFI Global Group. Africarium has been maintaining nearly 2 million attendees for 4 years, which makes it Polish largest ticket-based attraction in terms of the number of visitors. The attendance of all the above-mentioned attractions is record-breaking each year.

In 2019 at the MIPIM in Cannes PFI Future S.A. is presenting 2 of its major investments projects – an innovative Free Time Space facility of supra-regional importance, with the leading function of the Oceanarium called Nautilus Gdańsk and the unique development project ErgoCity – a sustainable, model housing estate with a modern office space offering 5,000 new workplaces, designed for living, learning, working and entertainment.

ErgoCity is the perfect answer to the needs of the modern city

Nautilus Gdańsk – includes a number of zones, including a large Aquarium,  a VR – center, Exotic Lagoon, shopping and gastronomic areas, a medical center and the 4* Hotel. The investment is an excellent response to the current tourist, entertainment and educational needs. It is a complex that will soon become the new engine for tourism in the city and will become the largest tourist attraction on the Polish coastline. The aquarium is a great place to spend free time with family and friends, which will provide an opportunity to experience the extraordinary fauna and flora found within. The extraordinary floristic collection, combined with appropriately selected representatives of various endangered animal species will provide visitors with a powerful injection of positive and unforgettable emotions, which will lead to multiple repeat visitors to this remarkable place. Visitors will also be able to interact with the life within the aquarium, such as being able to feed penguins, rays, or exotic birds with the assistance of their guardians.

The journey will take visitors to the most beautiful places in the world, such as the Amazon river estuary with scenery full of species of plants and animals characteristic for this region or the Rio de la Plata estuary, with the possibility to admire the wealth of the underwater world. The area of Nautilus Gdańsk aquarium will exceed 18,900 square meters and is planned to be finished in 2023. It will be the next episode of the story, which was initiated by Afrykarium in Wrocław, which is extremely popular in Poland. Last year PFI Future S.A. received the Real Estate Impactor Award 2018 in the “new urban icons” category for the Nautilus Gdańsk project.

Nautilius Gdańsk is an excellent response to the current tourist, entertainment and educational needs

Along with the population of Polish cities increasing every year, their authorities face new challenges in the areas of functional housing, effective transport, environmental protection, improvement of the quality of life and safety. It is up to all parties to ensure that cities, districts and housing estates provide the best conditions for living, learning, working, and leisure. Due to technological development, more and more emphasis is also placed on the implementation of the largest possible number of so-called intelligent solutions, the example of which is PFI Future S.A.’s unique development project ErgoCity – a sustainable, model housing estate of the future with a modern office space, creating an optimal environment for living, learning, working and entertainment, which will be created in Wrocław. This is the perfect answer to the needs of the modern city. It is a balanced and the most effective use of both environmental and technological assets, conscious planning of space perfectly fitting the expectations of residents by satisfying their social needs. The purpose of this investment is to create a smart housing estate for everyone, offering a high level of quality of life, a place coherent with the urban surroundings, where pro-social and pro-ecological programs are being implemented. The estate that complies with global trends in modern construction and ecology. ErgoCity is implementing all possible and necessary functional and technological solutions, as well as social programs implemented in Wrocław and other Polish and European cities.