Platige Image

Pioneering technology and out–of–the–box approach attracts clients worldwide

Originally Published in June 2017

Platige Image is an award-winning visual effects, post-production and animation company based in Warsaw. With a multicultural workforce of 300 directors, art directors, graphic designers and producers, the team has released more than 3,000 projects internationally. Platige is one of the top five studios in Europe that specializes in video game trailers.

Best known for its cinematic work, Platige Image cooperates with top brands such as Ubisoft (“Watch Dogs 2”), Microsoft (“Halo 5: Guardians”), CD Project RED (“The Witcher” series) and Crytek (“Ryse: Son of Rome. Legend of Damocles”). The company also creates commercials for top brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi, Fiat, McDonald’s and Kellogg’s. With its own production house, motion capture studio and top-of-the-line equipment, Platige Image can produce content from concept to final product.

Founders Piotr Sikora and Jarek Sawko started the company 19 years ago as two college students who saved up enough money to buy computers and create graphics—an art relatively new to post-communist Poland. After strictly producing commercials to advertise an influx of foreign products in the 1990s, the company expanded into the film industry, creating animated shorts such as the Oscar-nominated “The Cathedral” and special visual effects for feature films including Lars von Trier’s “Melancholia” and “Antichrist”. In recent years, the studio has produced a number of animated shorts that have won numerous awards. The most well-known features include “The Cathedral,” “Fallen Art” and “Paths of Hate.”

With its own production house, motion capture studio and top-of-the-line equipment, Platige Image can produce content from concept to final product.

Platige Image works with businesses from around the globe—from the Middle East, Asia and even the United States. Considering 50 percent of its work is exported, the company’s mission is to deliver high-quality, innovative and original content to clients all over the world.

The company uses all of the latest technology and also strives to make the production process enjoyable for the client. From experimenting with virtual reality to 360-degree company Christmas cards, Platige Image stays ahead of trends and aims to produce innovative, interactive material to provide viewers with an exceptional experience. One such endeavor is the 3D Live Theater. First showcased in 2011 during an onstage performance of “Polita,” the 3D Live Theater involves projecting three-dimensional scenes and images from backstage onto a screen. Audience members put on special glasses to see 3D images of anything from flying spaceships to dark foreboding forests. The technology makes actors’ interactions with the set and scenery far more realistic.

Additional special projects include a three-dimensional reconstruction of the Polish painting “Battle of Grunwald,” as well as a 3D animation of the destruction of Warsaw during World War II for the Warsaw Rising Museum.

One of the company’s most well-known directors, Tomek Bagiński, has been with Platige Image nearly since its inception. From being nominated for an Oscar and an Emmy to winning a BAFTA Award, his work has received local and international recognition.

Platige Image’s global recognition continues to rise as it produces higher quality content. The company has won over 200 awards in Poland and abroad, and its most notable distinctions include the BAFTA, SIGGRAPH, LIA awards and nominations for Oscar and VES awards.