Polish Chamber of Milk

Voice of the Polish dairy industry

Originally Published in April 2017

The Polish Chamber of Milk is Poland’s largest dairy industry organization. It was founded in 2008 by cooperatives and companies working with dairies. Today, it has more than 60 members, including the largest cooperatives, dairy firms and dairy industry service providers. It is a strategic partner of the European Union and national agencies that work for the development of the dairy industry.

The Polish Chamber of Milk’s main goal is to promote the development of the Polish dairy industry in Poland and abroad. The organization helps Polish dairy producers establish contacts with business partners from around the world. It supports Polish dairy exports and participation in economic missions, fairs and exhibitions. It also works to increase the chamber members’ potential and presence in foreign markets and supports them in the process of acquiring capital and foreign investors.

Poland is the fifth-largest producer of milk in the EU, accounting for 7.3 percent of the total production in the entire community. In 2016, Poland produced 10.8 billion liters of milk. Around 30 percent of the production is exported. The largest recipients of Polish dairy products are Germany, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands
and Italy. In addition, Polish dairy products are popular in markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Today, almost all types of Polish dairy products can be found around the world – including milk and whey powder, ripened and processed cheese, UHT milk as well as flavored milk, butter, condensed milk and many more. Polish dairies combine tradition with modernity and manufacture products of the highest quality. Polish manufacturers meet
the most important international standards of quality and production safety. At the same time, their products are competitively priced. To meet customers’ expectations, the production processes (from raw materials, through processing to distribution and sales) take place in accordance with international standards: Integrated Management System (ISO, HACCP, IFS, BRC) and KASHRUT and HALAL certificates. The production process uses state-of-the-art
technologies, while preserving the unique flavors of Polish dairy products.

An important element of the Polish dairy industry is the effort to increase the innovativeness. Some facilities have modern research and development centers that cooperate with research institutes. “Innovative processes are a permanent and indispensable element of the Polish dairy sector. The expectations of consumers are changing, while more and more companies are choosing to produce GMO-free products, so our dairies are one of the EU leaders today,” said the director of the Polish Chamber of Milk, Agnieszka Maliszewska.

“Listening to consumer voices is just a part of our core beliefs. We respond to expectations, and the offer of the cooperative includes high quality products that are popular with customers in Poland and abroad. Achieving high quality is possible thanks to continuous investments in production lines, which are already among the most modern in the world today”, said the vice-president of OSM Piątnica Łukasz Kalinowski.

“The potential of Polish dairy processing is enormous. Just look at MLEKOVITA – a company with a 100 percent Polish capital and also the largest dairy in Central and Eastern Europe. It is a company that has cultivated the traditions of the Polish dairy industry for nearly 90 years, while still applying state-of-the-art technology and innovation in all areas of its activity. Thanks to that, we are making progress for dairies –we are doing our best to achieve our task, i.e. to maintain the high quality of products and adapt them to growing consumer expectations”, said the CEO of MLEKOVITA Group Dariusz Sapiński.

Polish Chamber of Milk invites you to its stands at

  • SIAL CHINA, Shanghai, China, 17-19 May 2017 (Milk Hall, Hall E5, Stand G 008)
  • AFRICA’S BIG 7, Johannesburg, South Africa,  25-27 June 2017
  • ANUGA 2017 – TASTE THE FUTURE, Cologne, Germany, 07-11 October 2017
    (Milk Hall, Hall: 10.1, Stand: C-070g-C-078g)