Lighting experts team up with IT company to develop innovative lighting technology

Originally Published in June 2017

Pollight is an independent advisor that provides lighting solutions and conducts research to develop new products. LED
specialists analyze a client’s current infrastructure on-site and then design and install initial or newer lighting systems. Pollight recently helped architects design lighting systems for Galeria Młociny—a 225,000 square meter retail and entertainment complex in one of Warsaw’s prime locations. Most notably, its specialists are experimenting with artificial full-spectrum lighting.

Pollight has partnered with Ideaflex, a technology company in Kraków to develop an advanced light at an affordable price. CEO of Pollight Krzysztof Warzeszkiewicz said, “People are spending more time indoors in offices, shopping malls and have fewer opportunities to have natural light. We are working on a solution to deliver sunlight inside buildings.” He said the company has found a cost-efficient way to make this technology available for everybody, but needs to do more technical research before entering the global market. “The idea of delivering sunlight is becoming increasingly popular and a lot of people are interested in developing this concept,” Warzeszkiewicz added.

Ideaflex CEO Aleksander Gruca, who brought the idea to Pollight said, “Today’s technology presents new opportunities and we are ready to face a very old problem – how to harness sunlight and make it affordable, fully controlled and usable.”

“People are spending more time indoors…We are working on a solution to deliver sunlight inside buildings.”

Founded in 2013, the consulting firm focuses on helping its clients choose the best available solutions in the market. The company has completed projects for warehouses, streets and parking lots, office buildings, and sports facilities in Poland and in other countries such as Canada, the Czech Republic, Israel, Norway, Slovakia and the United States. LED lights consume less electricity than traditional lights and last for 15 years. By converting to LED, business owners will save energy, improve lighting parameters, reduce maintenance costs and typically achieve a return on their
investment in less than three years.

Before starting the company, cofounders Warzeszkiewicz, Piotr Dymek, Ernest Kargol and Wojciech Foroncewicz monitored the lighting market and noticed a rise in LED use. Suddenly, LED became available for everyone who wanted to save money and be more environmentally friendly. LED was beginning to replace old-fashioned lightbulbs, which were more complicated and diverse. Warzeszkiewicz said many customers wanted to use LED lighting in their facilities but were a confused when it came to choosing the right lighting system.

At Pollight, specialists perform detailed tests to achieve the best lighting results at the right price. “We are not just choosing the best solution available— it must also be cost-optimal,” said Warzeszkiewicz. “The market is very complex and there are nearly 1,500 lighting producers in Poland. That is why we decided to go into this market. Poland is very strong in the lighting business and companies are exporting a lot of products to Eastern and Western Europe, so we
are quite comfortable working with Polish companies, but not only.”

The Solution Design team is responsible for adhering to a client’s specific requirements while installing efficient lighting. They provide a technical and economic analysis of existing lighting systems to measure energy consumption and light
parameters, design a new lighting solution based on their analysis, present an economic model of the project and also deliver and install the new lighting system. Pollight also prepares a financial analysis for each investment, including possible financing options. They look at the client’s capabilities and specific needs, as well as the current market situation, to search for an ideal financial solution.