Polnord S.A.

Polnord a developer with over 40 years of tradition New chapter in the history

Originally Published in March 2020

Polnord S.A. is one of the biggest and most experienced companies in the field of construction and development in Poland.

The main mission of the company, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, is to adapt quickly and flexibly to market requirements, while maintaining the highest quality standards at all stages of investment.

– Professionalism and commitment of experienced architects and managers as well as excellent work organization guarantee satisfaction of our clients. Proper determination of investment directions, as well as cooperation with many banks guarantees that our company is able to efficiently manage the development process and complete all projects on time – says Artur Pietraszewski, Marketing and Sales Director at Polnord. – Thanks to this, buyers have a guarantee that the contracts concluded with the company for the sale of premises will be fully executed. New apartments available in Polnord’s offer are always built and finished to high standards, and their price on the market is constantly rising. The company offers new, ready-made apartments in attractive locations all over the country – If someone is looking for a new apartment, with an interesting location, convenient infrastructure and public buildings nearby, our offer will certainly meet these expectations – concludes Mr Pietraszewski.

A promising investment

The company owns the largest land bank among Polish developers with an area of 1.2 million square meters, which will allow to build at least several thousand new apartments. Polnroda’s crown jewels are further investment plans in Wilanów – a modern part of Warsaw, which is currently very popular among residents – and the implementation of the “Haffner Residence” investment in Sopot. “Haffnera Residence” in one of the most promising investment projects on the whole coast in recent years, for which the company received building permit at the end of 2019.

“New apartments available in Polnord’s offer are always built and finished to high standards, and their price on the market is constantly rising”

As part of this investment, a complex of three unpretentious apartment buildings will be built together with a hotel nearby. None of these buildings will exceed four floors. The investment will be located in a unique place: among green areas next to the North Park and one of the most beautiful Baltic beaches, just a few minutes away from the Sopot pier. Striving for its location, the investment will be included in the eco premium segment. – From the top floor there will be a view of the bay and park. The luxurious apartments will literally sink into the green area, as we have decided to leave the current stand untouched. After consultation with the city, we will also plant a new lime tree avenue – says Marcin Gomoła, President of the Management Board of Polnord S.A.

The complex of buildings was designed by a well-known Gdynia-based architectural studio Kwadrat, headed by Professor Jacek Droszcz. Apart from residential buildings, Kwadrat is also famous for designing the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk and the “Water Craftsmanship” investment, which was part of the Gdańsk Forum.

Successful transactions

In 2019, Polnord made several successful transactions. The company managed to sell two office buildings located in Wilanów, a commercial unit at 11 Sikorskiego Street in Warsaw and a property at Senatorska Street in Łódz. Senatorska in Łódz. Subsequent stages of some housing investments were also completed. Sale of the next stage of the „Wiktoria” housing estate has begun and the „Wilanów” residential investment has also been completed. It was designed according to the highest Scandinavian ecological building standards – both projects are located in Wilanów. In Gdańsk, the „Studio Morena” investment has also been completed, which means that soon the inhabitants of the Tricity will receive several hundred functional apartments at a great price and with an attractive location. In 2019 the construction of the family housing estate „Neptun”, located in Ząbki in the suburbs of Warsaw, was also completed.

Local activities

Last year Polnord was also heavily involved in the life of local communities. For example, the company supported the “Wilanów Days”, during which all residents could participate in many sports activities, such as the “Royal Run” or take part in a family picnic. Polnord was also a partner of the 15th edition of the “Run for new life” action, whose main goal is to promote Polish transplantology, and the “Wannado Sport Festival”. With regard to cultural events, also in Wilanów, the company was a partner of summer outdoor cinema. In Pomerania, the residents of the Tri-City could come to the company’s sales office and receive tickets for the “Summer Film Show with Polnord”.

In the last quarter of 2019 Polnord S.A., Grupa Waryński S.A. and PFR Nieruchomości S.A. signed a letter of intent concerning cooperation in the “Flat Plus” programme. The aim of the program is to build affordable apartments for rent. Polnord has also developed a unique and attractive formula for its products in this segment. Polnord’s directors are convinced that in the near future the market will favour residential developers, and the strong support of new shareholders will allow the company to write a new, great chapter in its over 40-year history, which dates back to 1977.