Profbud Group

Polish developer puts customers first

Originally Published in March 2018

Profbud Group is a dynamically growing Polish company. It was established in 2007 and focuses on the Warsaw residential market. It has already completed seven large property projects with 754 apartments total, and has another four under construction. The company is also starting its first project outside the capital. In 2017, Profbud Group diversified its portfolio by launching a new company, City Level, to focus solely on the office sector. Its first investment is a modern office building in Warsaw called Vector+.

Profbud’s management board includes founder and CEO Paweł Malinowski, Bohdan Szułczyński and Beata Zarzyńska. They put their clients at the heart of all they do and want to make customer service the company’s distinguishing feature. As Mr. Malinowski likes to say: “At Profbud, our clients always come first. We are meticulous and transparent with our customers – each has access to the details concerning the technologies and materials used. We believe that our offer of residential and office developments is guaranteed to be a sound investment.”

The company is setting new standards by closely supervising each of the development stages – from design, through construction, to promotion and sale – but it also engages in dialogue with clients after the sales are complete.

“Both architectural solutions and interpersonal relationships are most important to us. We take care of our clients at every stage of the investment – but also have our clients in mind long after its completion. For example we organize events and projects to integrate our residents. The client is the most important for us, that’s who we provide our services for and why we care about the quality of our projects.”

In Poland, Profbud has won many awards for its outstanding execution, quality and reliability. Abroad, the company received honors at the prestigious European Property Awards 2016/2017 in the Retail Design category for its sales office.

Profbud believes that its offer of residential and office developments is guaranteed to be a sound investment.

Profbud has been carrying out development projects since 2011. Demand for home ownership in Warsaw is steadily increasing and the company is taking advantage of this and developing strategies for the future. In the last 3 years it has competed 9 different investments and sold 800 apartments. Now, Profbud is focusing on strengthening its position in the Warsaw market. It has four new developments under construction, with 30,000 square meters. In 2018 Profbud plans to start 6 new investments, with the total of 55,000 square meters and 1000 new apartments.

One of the flagship new developments is the prestigious Awangarda residential estate in the capital’s Bemowo district, currently under construction. It comprises 149 apartments with a total usable floor space of 11,000 square meters and will be completed in the second quarter of 2018. It is located in the largest developed green area in Warsaw, Fort Bema, with abundant sports infrastructure. As Awangarda is being developed with active and dynamic people in mind, Agnieszka Radwańska – a world-famous Polish tennis player – was made the face of their advertising campaign.

The company’s first office project, Vector+, is the first highly innovative office building in the Wola district. With total usable floor space of 13,155 square meters and approximately 600 square meters of retail and service space, the investment is aimed at creative businesses and large companies looking for an alternative location and a different perspective.