Cloud platform synchronizes virtual and real world

Originally Published in April 2017

ProxiGroup is a tech company that develops  cloud software solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) asset tracking systems using big data and Business Intelligence Telecommunication Technologies. Its latest technology, ProxiTrak Cloud Platform, provides synchronized communication between the virtual and real world in asset management to provide an accurate and efficient analysis of large amounts of data from physical objects.

Considering nearly three-quarters of companies plan to implement IoT technologies within the next five years, ProxiTrak provides a cost effective virtual site survey to design and implement virtual factories, warehouses or supply chains that synchronizes data and communications between objects. With patent application in the field of IoT software management and asset tracking based on computer-aided design (CAD) tools, ProxiTrak contributes to the globalization, automation and digitalization of big data in the cloud.  

CEO Curtis Shull said ProxiTrak allows for full control of the asset tracking telecommunication infrastructure in real-time through CAD. Unlike other solutions on the market, ProxiTrak is based on a device-to-user concept where data is sent to the browser and database at the same time. This allows for an automatic transfer of information from a company’s physical environment to a virtual one, reducing the time needed to analyze a large amount of data and take effective steps minimizing decision-making errors.

ProxiGroup has been selected for the first phase of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument.

This technology has a wide variety of applications in areas such as logistics, transport, airports and healthcare, as well as in retail chain stores and supply chains. In addition, the food industry requires complete control of data and connectivity due to sensitive environmental factors such as humidity and temperature. There is an increasing demand for fresh, healthy foods, and the market is pushing producers and operators to upgrade their technology to improve efficiency and safety. Clients want to know where and how products are made, as well as how they are handled and delivered. With ProxiTrak, producers can monitor shipment data in real time. 

ProxiTrak gives customers access to real time information, processes and events to quickly react and respond to customers. From producer to end user, the solution visualizes the turnover of goods from every level of the supply chain. Automated inventory without human interaction enables companies to meet market needs by shortening delivery time and providing complete process transparency.

This next-generation software creates an IoT ecosystem that connects multiple locations globally and allows information and data to be stored and shared from anywhere. Since there’s no need to invest in IT infrastructure, ProxiTrak can lower asset management costs because the cloud platform only requires a monthly subscription.  

As a young company, ProxiGroup strives to combine innovative technology with exceptional service to establish its position on the market. Its technology has already been recognized  at several competitions. The company has been selected for the first phase of Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument program for research and innovation, in addition to being selected for the second round of the Bind 4.0 contest. Deputy CEO Aleksandra Sękowska and co-founder Anna Opłatek were selected as finalists in the Businesswoman of the Year 2016 competition in the Startup of the Year category.