Ketchup producer becomes global market leader

Originally Published in April 2017

Pudliszki is the largest ketchup and tomato-paste producer in Poland. One of the strongest food brands in the country, Pudliszki also offers a variety of ready meals, canned vegetables and cooking sauces. According to market research firm Euromonitor, Poland is the 12th largest consumer of tomato ketchup in the world, making Pudliszki a global market leader. Produced locally in Pudliszki, Poland, the company ensures products are made with only the finest ingredients. Already a favorite brand among Poles, there is a growing interest among foreign consumers who want the taste of traditional Polish products. This is why Pudliszki has established a strong position in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Germany and other countries.

For nearly a century, Pudliszki has been helping consumers prepare easy, delicious meals for the whole family with their tomato and vegetable products. In 1920, Stanislaw Fenrych, an agricultural engineer, acquired land in Pudliszki and began producing canned fruits and vegetables. A few years later, Pudliszki produced its flagship products – tomato paste and ketchup. The tomato sauce, enriched with spices and vinegar, was available in Poland for the first time. After a few decades of successful growth, in 1994 Pudliszki became a joint stock company. Then, American firm H. J. Heinz Company, the largest producer of ketchup in the world, bought a majority stake in Pudliszki.

Nearly 220 grams of fresh tomatoes are used to make 100 grams of Pudliszki ketchup.

The Pudliszki brand produces more than 80 products in seven categories: ketchup, tomato concentrates, tomato products, sauces for pasta and meats, prepared traditional Polish dishes, mixed salads and pickled vegetables. All of the products are made with carefully selected ingredients to ensure the best flavor and highest quality. Nearly 220 grams of fresh tomatoes are used to make 100 grams of Pudliszki ketchup. A 200-gram jar of tomato paste is made with 1 kilogram of fresh tomatoes, and no preservatives.

Canned vegetables such as peas and corn come from verified suppliers. Experts carefully supervise the growing process and check quality and ripeness before harvest. Vegetables are sent to the Pudliszki plant on a regular basis for inspection and only the best ingredients are canned and labeled with the “Pudliszki” logo. Pre-made and ready-to-eat stuffed cabbage, as well as Polish favorites such as bigos, gulasz and flaki, are also available in jars.

None of the products contain MSG, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. Research is conducted at an in-house laboratory to ensure products meet requirements and are of the highest quality. Pudliszki implemented a quality assurance system in which the quality of the product is tested at every stage of processing.

For its exceptional taste and quality, the Pudliszki brand has won several awards and titles. In 2016, the Superbrands organization named Pudliszki the winner in three categories: sauces, fruits and vegetables, and ready meals. The brand won in the same categories for Superbrands Polska. In addition, Pudliszki won the 2016 Golden Paragon Award of Polish Merchants in the vegetables category for its canned peas.