Rafał Szczepański

of the Management Board at BBI Development SA

Originally Published in March 2018

The 21st century belongs to the cities – just as 200 years ago empires dominated the world and the 20th century was nation-focused. Today, we are rediscovering the ancient idea of a city, one that expresses its own ethos and values.

Cities need to stay authentic and protect their identity to stand out in the global world. Poland’s capital, almost completely destroyed during the Wold War II, understands how important protecting the spirit of the city is. Today it attracts global attention with a booming culture and economy. Warsaw is a top-class metropolis and deserves real estate investments that match its identity and reflect the new era in the city’s history.

BBI Development has a lot of respect for Warsaw’s past and faith in the city’s future. We believe that architecture should represent a city and its people. All of our projects are unique and provide Warsaw with new opportunities.

Warsaw is a top-class metropolis and deserves real estate investments that match its identity and reflect the new era in the city’s history.

Złota 44 sets a new standard for luxury living in Poland. It reflects both the success and aspirations of the Polish people. Designed by world-class architect Daniel Libeskind, it is the tallest residential tower in its class in the European Union. Złota 44 is in a prime location and has transformed the Warsaw skyline, becoming the capital’s new icon.

Centrum Marszałkowska, a combination of office and retail space located in Warsaw’s city center, is far from being just another anonymous office building. Our investment is fully integrated with the capital’s cultural and artistic life. It embraces the philosophy of work-life balance. One hundred percent of Centrum Marszałkowska’s office space will be leased out before its grand opening in mid-2018, which just proves how unique the project really is. It capitalizes on the untapped potential of Warsaw’s downtown. I am sure our project will convince local authorities and other developers that business should be located in the heart of the city and grow together with it in harmony.

Roma Tower, BBI Development’s latest project, is also in a centrally located neighbourhood at the corner of Emilii Plater and Nowogrodzka streets. The investment will open Warsaw to visitors seeking the highest standard, both businesspeople and tourists. It will host a six-star hotel, run by a leading global hospitality company. The existence of luxury hotels and Michelin-star restaurants is a sign of the city’s development and it puts Warsaw in the first league of metropolises.

BBI Development’s investments prove that Warsaw is a truly European capital, a one-of-a-kind place where business meets culture in a historic city center.

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