Reality Games

Polish video game developers build big data game engine

Originally Published in June 2017

Reality Games is a Kraków-based gaming studio that develops mobile games based on live, real world data. Founded in 2014, the studio employs more than 20 specialists and its technology has been recognized by IBM and Google Starter Program, which granted them $200,000 worth of server resources. So far, Reality Games has developed three mobile games that have already received millions of downloads and in 2016, the studio won a People’s Choice Award at the Game Connection Development Awards.

The studio was founded in Poland by Zbigniew Woźnowski, Peter Sas, Sebastian Lagemann, Michał Łagodzic and James Shrager. CEO Woźnowski has more than 12 years of experience in online advertising and over 10 years in real estate experience. In addition to launching mobile apps and working at Reality Games, Woźnowski is the programming director of Promotion of Poland 2020 of the Kosciuszko Institute.

According to Reality Games, big data is an underutilized resource for entertainment content, which is why the studio developed a Big Data Game Machine that simplifies game development for external companies and makes it efficient and cost effective. With no need to artificially create content, companies can launch their games quicker. In addition to the gaming engine used in its own games, the studio plans to power an open application programming interface (API) which will make the process easier for developers by aggregating APIs from different sources, giving them more functionalities to use in their games.

The company’s technicians create addictive games by developing a concept and combining it with real live data. This new genre of mobile entertainment gives the studio a competitive edge in the global market. The studio has released three mobile app games: Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, Weather Challenge and Speculate Social Media Stock Market. 

Over one million players downloaded Landlord within 18 months of the app’s launch. That number has now reached three million.

Its first app, Landlord, is a real-world property game that allows users to virtually buy venues they visit in real life and earn rent as people check in at those properties. Powered by Four Square, the app is a mobile version of the Monopoly board game. By using this familiar concept, the game is easily understood by players and has a universal appeal. The nostalgic component is geared toward players in their 20s and 30s who played the game as children. Within 18 months of the app’s launch, over one million players had downloaded Landlord. Now, that number is three million.

Reality Games also developed Weather Challenge, which is powered by The Weather Channel. Once the app is available for download this year, users will be able to predict weather forecasts and compete with celebrity T.V. weather presenters from more than 40 countries, as well as with other players. Users earn points when their predictions are correct. Weather Challenge won a Startup Weekend Audience Award at a competition led by Google for Entrepreneurs. Also in 2016, players will be able to download Speculate: Social Media Stock Market which is powered by Twitter and Facebook. In the game, brands are available on a virtual stock market where valuations are based on real-life engagement on  the various social networks.