Risk Made in Warsaw

Company designs figure–flattering, comfortable clothes for real people

Originally Published in April 2017

RISK Made in Warsaw is a semi-premium fashion label and as the name indicates, the clothes are designed in Warsaw and produced in Poland. Founded by Antonina Samecka and Klara Kowtun in 2011, the company creates well-tailored, comfortable clothing for women, men and children.

After working at InStyle for six years, Samecka was familiar with the fashion industry and realized there is a staple item in everyone’s closet: a grey sweatshirt. She knew women wanted to look feminine, but for many, their favorite clothes were sweats. She decided to create mega-comfortable, figure-flattering clothes women can feel great in. Samecka left InStyle to start RISK with tailor and stylist Kowtun and Dorothy Sajewicz joined the team.

There is one RISK shop at the moment, but pieces are sold in stores throughout Europe and online. The label aims to accommodate online shoppers to ensure those who don’t have access to a shop but like the style can still purchase the latest collection.

Although the fit is always great, each piece is not one-size-fits-all styles. RISK releases four to six collections a year and the clothes come in various styles, from glam-rock to hippie to elegant. When RISK presents a new collection, such as Powder Pink, the website includes suggestions on how to wear it and pair it with other pieces customers may already own. The versatile apparel ensures buyers can mix and match to create a fresh, inspiring look each time.    

By keeping curves in mind, when women buy the clothes online, they fit so great, the company has very few returns.  

At RISK, the only thing more important than the clothing are the real people who wear them. Non-professional models wear the collections for photo shoots and the clothes are designed to ensure a perfect fit for any body type. By keeping curves in mind, when women buy the clothes online, they fit so great, the company has very few returns.  

What also distinguishes RISK from other fashion labels is the company’s ability to communicate with customers and listen to what they want. Whether it’s suggestions to add buttons, pockets or a hood, the RISK team assesses customer input and will even pull a collection and release it again after the changes are made. To ensure the best quality, RISK works with local craftspeople to find materials for their clothes, from the softest fabrics to hand-dyed buttons.   

RISK’s pieces have been featured in fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour, and InStyle. The label continues to acquire global recognition for its pop-up shops, fashion shows and art exhibits. One of the label’s collections that has received a lot of international attention is RISK OY, which features clothing and accessories with Jewish motifs.

Rather than concentrate on trends, Samecka said RISK focuses on cut, comfort and femininity. She added, “I want people to feel like the best version of themselves.”