ROBYG shapes trends in Poland’s residential sector

Originally Published in March 2018

ROBYG Group is a Polish real estate developer operating primarily in Warsaw and Gdańsk. The company also owns properties in Wrocław, where it will soon begin its investments. ROBYG Group has been operating since the year 2000 and is one of the leading Polish developers. Over the course of more than 17 years of operation, the company has sold approximately 17,000 units and delivered to client’s approximately 12,500 units.
In December 2017 A strategic investor: Goldman Sachs introduced a tender offer that was successfully concluded in February 2018 . „Thanks to the new owner of the ROBYG, we will accelerate our expansion throughout Poland” – said Oscar Kazanelson, chairman of ROBYG’s supervisory board.

In 2017, ROBYG sold 3,470 apartments maintaining its position amongst the leading Polish developers, in Gdańsk 1,862 contracts were signed and in Warsaw additional 1,608. That is 17 percent more than in 2016. ROBYG popular investments in Warsaw are: Green Mokotów, Fort Wola, Stacja Nowy Ursus, Osiedle Życzliwa Praga and Young city in Bemowo . And in Gdańsk: Zajezdnia Wrzeszcz, Nadmotławie Estate, Nowa Letnica, Słoneczna Morena, Lawendowe Wzgórza. Most of ROBYG’s apartments are purchased at the initial stage of projects; less than 4 percent of the apartments on offer are in completed investments.

“The company knows what the buyers expect, which is why our apartments are so successful in the market.” – Oscar Kazanelson, chairman of ROBYG’s supervisory board.

ROBYG is experienced in anticipating market trends. Their customers appreciate the great value-to-quality ratio and the Smart House technology. “We give our clients more than the others, as all our apartments are equipped with this innovative technology free of charge,” says Eyal Keltsh, COO at ROBYG. Smart House allows customers to remotely program electronic devices, radiators and control security systems using a smartphone or tablet. It can help lower household bills by up to 30 percent.

ROBYG’s offer is also well-suited to the demands of the market in terms of size, design and location. The developer offers several investments prepared for families with children, couples and active singles. The company stresses the importance of a comprehensive investment approach. Close proximity to well-developed road infrastructure ensures efficient commuting, while modern and functional design guarantees comfort of living close proximity to business parks and other community services. Most of ROBYG’s estates are located near city parks; their inner courtyards and communal spaces have greenery designed by landscape architects.

Dynamic development of the company proves that the management and supervisory boards’ goals are based on reliable forecasts. The company has been regularly sharing its profits with shareholders since its Warsaw Stock Exchange debut in 2010. In 2016 ROBYG Group recorded revenues of PLN 517 million. The first three quarters of 2017 brought the company an additional PLN 350 million in revenue.
In February 2017, following the establishment strategic cooperation, Goldman Sachs secured over 98% of ROBYG shares in the tender offer.

“We are convinced that ROBYG is a solid brand with a bright future,” said Mr. Kazanelson. “The company knows what the buyers expect, which is why our apartments are so successful in the market. By introducing Smart House technology in all our apartments we set a high standard, which the market and customers appreciate.”

Recently, the ROBYG Group introduced a new service called Working Balance, a co-working space in Warsaw’s Wilanów district. The company fully equipped modern offices and conference rooms. In the future, the tenants will also have access to a business coach and various professional workshops and training. Small businesses and freelancers alike are turning to shared workspaces as an alternative to traditional office leasing. The Polish co-working industry is experiencing rapid growth and has attractive prospects for development. The ROBYG Group is therefore considering expanding activities in this area and its share in the company’s revenue.