Service provides quick and safe way to sync data and protect files

Originally Published in June 2017 provides a subscription-based data-syncing and collaboration service for businesses to safely exchange files. Within an organization, users have access to all versions of the files and can access them anywhere. Guests can download, view and edit content shared by users.

Creators Marek Ciesla and Blazej Marciniak established the company in 2013. Their idea for stemmed from a need to protect files and open a safe line of communication between employees within organizations and business partners. Unlike other file-sharing services, they didn’t want to send links to grant access, deal with limited storage and storing data in a public cloud. Their solution was—a safe platform for users to share and sync data while protecting their privacy. works like a cloud, but the data stays within the user’s own storage system and is synced through a secure, invite-only network on demand. Once the organization is established, users can create projects and invite coworkers to collaborate and access unlimited files from anywhere in the world. Acting as a virtual drive, the data is safely shared without sending files to an external server; only authorized users can view them. Access can be revoked at any time. Other data services use a public cloud and files must be uploaded or created on it. Extra space can be expensive and sending large files takes time—during which confidential information could be viewed by someone other than the intended recipient.

Due to metadata synchronization, files are visible immediately and users can access the data by project type, device, file name, size or date of modification. Configuring Smart Metadata Sync will synchronize files on all devices—making files accessible when and where users need them. With a subscription, a business only pays for active users in the projects. Guests can view the files for free. Since subscribers use their own device and network, does not charge for data storage or impose a transfer limit.

Acting as a virtual drive, the data is safely shared without sending files to an external server; only authorized users can view them.

In addition to file sharing, can be used as a digital asset management tool and can improve communication in the virtual workplace by including collaboration history and the ability to chat with coworkers, partners and clients. However, users can use for more than sharing internal projects for business; they can share private files such as photos and videos with friends and family, or use it as a personal account for storing confidential files.

The company also offers Sherlybox, a private cloud with unlimited storage capacity that transmits data to selected users. To ensure files are safely stored, a connection is established between the PC sharer files and the authorized person’s device. Sherlybox allows users to access the data even after their computers are shut off. The device, with its modern design, is equipped with a 2TB hard disk, WiFi, USB port, HDMI port and audio output. Over 1,000 users around the world have purchased the device.