Over 120 years of tradition in mechanizing agriculture

Originally Published in April 2017

Ursus is a manufacturing company that produces and sells tractors and agricultural machinery. The largest Polish manufacturer of farming equipment, it has production plants in three Polish cities. Ursus is the only company in the agricultural machinery sector listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. With over 120 years of tradition, the Ursus brand stands for innovation and high quality that has met the needs of several generations of farmers in Poland and around the world.

Each year, Ursus produces 1,500 tractors and several thousand agricultural machines. One of the most popular Ursus tractors is the C-380, which was presented at the 2015 Agrotech fair in Kielce. It is currently one of most frequently registered tractors in the country. Series C tractors are the company’s flagship products and the best-selling models. CEO Karol Zarajczyk said, “Few people know that out of the 1.5 million tractors in use now in Poland, half of them are Ursus brand tractors. Series C is a legend of the Polish countryside, family tractors for generations. This shows the growth opportunities in Poland.” Since the beginning of 2016, Ursus has reported a nearly 50 percent increase in sales of new tractors, raising its market share to 10 percent. “The models in this series meet all the expectations of a modern farm and have a competitive price and technical parameters,” Zarajczyk said.

Since the beginning of 2016, has Ursus reported a nearly 50 percent increase in sales of new tractors, raising its market share to 10 percent.

Ursus products reach customers in Poland and in many Western and Central European countries and in Eastern markets, especially in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Ireland, Lithuania and Greece. Recently, Ursus has become a leading exporter and supporter of mechanization of agriculture in Africa – the only Polish tractor manufacturer to do so. In 2013, Ursus signed an agreement with METEC in Ethiopia, for which it delivered 3,000 tractors, supplied spare parts, established service centers and provided training. Two years later, the company signed its second African contract with the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation and later signed a contract with a company from Tanzania. In March 2017, Ursus signed a cooperation agreement with Dobre Holdings from the Republic of Namibia to implement the production and assembly of tractors, machinery and other agricultural tools.   

“We have a lot of experience in African markets, where we are perceived as a reliable business partner,” said Zarajczyk. “We are prepared to work with a partner in the Republic of Namibia. We want to participate in the positive changes taking place in Africa, to support the development of those markets, while strengthening the position of Ursus in the country.”

Ursus equipment is not only a tool, but an important part of everyday life, which is why the company initiated projects to integrate several generations of Polish farmers. As the demand for Ursus tractors continues to rise, the company is also introducing new financing options to give farmers access to attractive loans and payment plans based on individual financial needs. In addition, the Ursus R&D center works with engineers from the Lublin University of Technology and the Military University of Technology in Warsaw to further modernize farming and improve efficiency.