Business Gardens – where business meets hospitality

Originally Published in March 2018

Business Garden is an innovative business park concept where clever architecture and ergonomic technology come together to create comfortable, eco-friendly workspaces. This unique approach focuses on sustainable construction and energy-saving facilities, significantly lowering the maintenance costs. Another undeniable benefit of renting sustainable office space is that it results in healthier and more productive employees.

Modern office complexes built by Vastint Poland in Warsaw, Poznań and Wrocław fully embrace this philosophy. All of them have met the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum certification requirements, all are conveniently located and have plenty of green spaces. One of the pillars of the Business Garden concept is the well-balanced dynamic between the office and recreational spaces with access to important accompanying services.

The undeniable benefit of renting sustainable office space is that it results in healthier and more productive employees.

The ‘Hospitality’ program implemented in all Business Garden complexes completes the idea of modern business parks. It provides a comprehensive management of service providers and continuosly monitors their quality. Amenities such as conference centers, hotels and canteens have already been implemented in various business parks. A bank, a medical center and a kindergarten on campus are a rarity and make the Business Garden offer stand out. Their future developments include fitness clubs, grocery stores and a quick laundry and car-wash services. In all cases a selection of high-quality services is provided in line with the tenants’ expectations.

The parks around office buildings have been designed with the employees well being in mind. Free Wi-Fi stations can serve as an outdoor meeting place or a place to relax during a break. Free bike rental is promoting a healthy lifestyle but also enables easy and fast way of getting around the campus. Centrally located restaurants are meant to serve as a focus point of all business and leisure activities. Vastint has also thought of building basketball courts at their facilities. In combination with a rich program of free events, every Business Garden offers a great work-life balance.

Business Garden Warsaw occupies a prime location near the capital’s city center. The project offers 90,000 square meters of modern office and retail space, consisting of seven buildings, with a well-kept garden covering most of its seven hectares. The public transport system provides relatively quick access to the location during peak hours, including by train from Chopin International Airport. The complex also has a hotel and a conference center, a restaurant and an underground parking lot for more than 1,500 vehicles.

Business Garden Poznań offers a complex with nine office buildings spread across a six-hectare plot with 80,000 square meters of space for lease. It is conveniently located in an up-and-coming neighborhood between the city center and Ławica Airport. In addition to office space, the business park has a conference center, 730 parking spaces and several supporting facilities. It offers flexible office arrangements, and each floor can be divided into a specified number of tenants. All this creates perfect conditions to support the development business process outsourcing, shared services centers and information technology operational centers.

Business Garden Wrocław is located close to the historic city center and next to the biggest shopping mall in the Silesia region. The first phase included the development of three office buildings with an area of 37,000 square meters, which is now complete. Ultimately, the project will consist of nine office buildings located on a seven-hectare plot. It will feature a total of 117,000 square meters of office and retail space and is scheduled for completion in December 2019. The complex has an internal garden with Wi-Fi zones, a centrally located restaurant, a hotel and an underground parking lot.