Voice recognition tool eliminates need to remember passwords

Originally Published in June 2017

VoicePIN.com is a voice biometrics company that has developed software for voice authentication for any application. Founded in 2011, VoicePIN.com’s software replaces traditional passwords and pin numbers with natural voice commands. Its SaaS technology has been used by corporate customers from ING to Alior Bank and made it to the top 10 at the TechCrunch Disrupt competition in San Francisco last year. The Polish company, based in Kraków, is focusing on global development by building a chain of partners on several continents. In 2016, VoicePIN.com opened a branch in Silicon Valley.  

The technology enables voice recognition to be used for verification, access control, fraud detection and other security protection solutions. It can be implemented on mobile apps and at call centers, helplines, websites and anywhere password-protected information exists. No automatic speech recognition software or hardware is needed, so installation is fast and the software is easy to use.  

CEO Lukasz Dylag graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology with a focus in electronics and telecommunications. He then worked on contact center implementations at big European companies. In 2011, he launched VoicePIN.com, which at first was just a typical software company. However, after a few years of research and development, its specialists refined the complex technology and the company was able to commercialize the sale of a voice biometrics system.

Voice PIN can be used to log in to a web-based system, authorize transactions, reset passwords and perform many other security functions.

As the latest tool in biometric technology and speech recognition for data protection, users can log on conveniently without needing to remember pins and passwords. Natural voice commands minimize the risk of cyberattacks and personal data theft because the human voice is as unique as a fingerprint. Each voice is carefully analyzed through VoicePIN.com’s cutting-edge technology. Users register a “voiceprint” which is stored in the form of mathematical models. Each time the user attempts to access protected information, the command is compared to registered voiceprints and the software verifies whether the voiceprint belongs to the user who registered it. Since individuals are identified by voice, the technology is a safer and less complicated alternative to traditional authentication methods.

VoicePIN.com’s software, called Voice PIN, can be used to log in to a web-based system, authorize transactions, reset passwords and perform many other security functions. The tool is currently being used in the financial sector, insurance industry and telecommunications. Businesses can subscribe to VoicePIN.com as a service and enhance their customers’ user experience by providing hands-free authentication. API integration is simple, does not require an installation process and can be used on multiple channels.

No biometrics tool can provide 100 percent safety, but according to the company, Voice PIN is 98 to 99 percent effective. Passwords, pins and security answers can be obtained by unauthorized users, but voice biometrics systems are effective at detecting attempted fraud and provide a higher level of security than methods such SMS authorization.