Voices from the market

Originally Published in March 2018

Despite all the gloomy scenarios painted recently by market analysts, the supply of office space in Poland grows dynamically. Cavatina Holding PLC started its operations in Cracow from the construction of the Equal Business Park office complex. We are also present in Wroclaw where we have two investments, currently under construction: the Diamentum Office and the Carbon Tower. Warsaw is still considered the most attractive location for office buildings, not only in Poland but also in Central and Eastern Europe.

We observe constant changes in the urban geography of Warsaw. Tenants are more and more likely nowadays to choose central locations in the capital. Aware of these trends, we have chosen this strategic area in Warsaw for our modern office building – the Chmielna 89 development.

At the moment, the Cavatina Group has over 110 000 square meters of GLA under construction. Nearly half of which, approximately 51 000 square meters of office space will be completed and commissioned this year: two A class commercial buildings in Cracow and two unique developments in Wroclaw.

In the future, we will further expand our presence in Cracow, Wroclaw and Warsaw but we will also soon appear in other cities in Poland. An important factor of our success is to pick the right location of the lots that we acquire. Although, it is more and more difficult to find attractive lots in city centres, we still succeed in finding such gems. We keep on purchasing land in the most desirable areas of Warsaw and other locations.

 Daniel Draga, Member of the Management Board of Cavatina Holding PLC