Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST–PARK”

The best destination for investors

Originally Published in March 2019

Amended regulations implementing a new formula for the functioning of economic zones came into force in September 2018. As a result, tax exemptions are available throughout the entire investment area in the country and the new regulations are much more transparent, which encourage entrepreneurs to apply for support more often. Other implemented significant changes include, among other things, speeding up the process of issuing decisions, guaranteed investment time – as exemptions are being issued for the period 10-15 years – or new criteria supporting underinvested regions of the country. New regulations also affect foreign investors, as there will be more accessible investment lands to bring in foreign capital. Another beneficiary of new regulations will be the country itself. Thanks to them, there will be a higher transfer of technical know-how and knowledge regarding new technologies. They will also help to reduce the unemployment rate, as more investments equal more demand for the workforce.

Daimler, Toyota, Volkswagen, Bridgestone, Guotai – Huarong, IBM , 3M, Mondelez, Electrolux have already invested here

In 2018, Polish economic zones issued nearly 350 permits and decisions granting support for investors. The total value of investments declared by entrepreneurs exceeded almost EUR 3,5  billion. In terms of the value of new investments, currently, the leader is the Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK”. Entrepreneurs are going to allocate almost EUR 1 billion to build new plants or expand the ones already existing. “INVEST-PARK” supported 48 investments, including 11 decisions issued based on the new regulations regarding granting public support. Performance of new investments will create in Wałbrzych Zone over 1,400 workplaces. As new regulations introduce different quality criteria, there are now more preferences for investments which create highly paid and developmental jobs. The employment rate in the “INVEST-PARK” is about to increase, mainly due to investments related to electro-mobility in the automotive industry.

In addition to that, in 2018 “INVEST-PARK” was awarded in the prestigious fDi Magazine “Global Free Zones of the Year”, being recognized as the best place in the automotive industry. As a result of investments performed by global giants such as Toyota, Mercedes, and Volkswagen, apart from the automotive industry, also businesses related to metal and plastic processing, logistics and warehousing services are developing in south-west Poland. Recently many companies operating in the electro-mobility industry started their operations in “INVEST-PARK”, gaining interest from global concerns producing electric and hybrid power units. The fast development of Invest park was also valued. It is connected both with the rapid increase in the number of investors as well as many reinvestments currently taking place in this area.

Previously, WSEZ “INVEST-PARK” was recognized as one of the best places in Europe to locate investments, especially because of services provided for entrepreneurs being high quality and comprehensive.

Wałbrzych Special Economic Zone “INVEST-PARK” offers attractive investment plots in south-western Poland and comprehensive service for entrepreneurs. There are currently over 230 tenants functioning in it, which have invested €6 billion. They include international corporations such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Daimler, 3M, or Mondelez. Companies that locate their investment projects within the area covered by the WSEZ are eligible for public aid in the form of income tax exemption. WSEZ is considered to be one of the most attractive destination for investors in Europe.