Globally recognized beer

Originally Published in April 2017

Żywiec is one of Poland’s largest and oldest brands of beer. The iconic “Dancing Couple” logo is one of the most valuable trademarks in the beer industry in Poland and one of the most recognizable beer symbols in the world. Established over 160 years ago in Żywiec, Poland, the brand develops beer specialties inspired by its heritage and changing consumer tastes. A leader in Polish beer exports, Żywiec is shipped to over 30 countries and continues to be a national favorite. The largest markets are the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and Canada. In recent years, Żywiec has also gained markets in the Far East like South Korea and Hong Kong. 

In 1856, Archduke Albrecht Friedrich Habsburg built the first brewery in Żywiec and used bottom fermentation technology to produce the beer, making it the most modern industrial brewery in the region. Using the best ingredients – barley malt, hops and mountain water – he produced beer of the highest quality. Today, the brewery in Żywiec produces the most popular classics, such as Żywiec Jasne Pełne, as well as a wide variety of other beers – each bottled with unique, distinguishable characteristics.

According to the original recipe, Żywiec Porter is one of the oldest Polish beers. It is a dark lager with a deep, dark color. With its amber color and mild malt flavor, Żywiec Marcowe is light lager beer best served cold. For a lighter option, Żywiec Białe is a natural wheat beer and is characterized by its refreshing taste. Żywiec Saison is brewed with orange peels and is traditionally fermented in open vats with French yeast. In addition, Żywiec APA is a pale ale brewed with five varieties of hops plus a hint of citrus flavor – it is best served cold. Żywiec Bock is another dark beer that was first brewed in the archduke’s brewery in Żywiec in 1860. It is made with three malts and has a dark ruby color and a mild, rich flavor. Following the latest trends and consumers’ changing lifestyles, the brand introduced non-alcoholic beverages last year. Years of experience resulted in the creation of high-quality, non-alcoholic beer by combining only three ingredients: barley malt, hops and mountain water. Consumers can enjoy the taste without limitation whenever they’d like.

The most popular beer is the classic Żywiec Jasne Pełne, but the brand produces a variety of beers – each bottled with unique, distinguishable characteristics.

Żywiec exports have found a permanent place in the international market. In 2016, the brand accounted for the majority of Polish exports in this category. Beers are sold in Europe , North America and more exotic areas such as Australia and Cape Verde. On board LOT Polish Airlines, Żywiec is the only Polish beer available, so for many tourists, they try the domestic brand before reaching the country.

To honor its history, consumers and connoisseurs can visit the Żywiec Brewery Museum and tour the production facilities and former lagering cellars located in Żywiec. Opened 10 years ago, the brewery museum has a multimedia history display of the brand. Visitors can taste beer straight from the brewery and see how Żywiec operates today. Each year, the museum attracts over 90,000 visitors from all over the world.